Day 2: Into The Depths

   As I make my way down the old staircase I hear footsteps behind me.  I whip around just fast enough to see the trap door slammed shut above me.  Frantically I run back up the steps.  Above I hear the sound of a board being placed on the door.  My heart is pounding out of fear.  Hopelessly I gave it a shove.  The door has been barred, and all notions of being alone instantly vanish. 

   Trembling, I slowly start back down the staircase.  Once at the bottom, I see a small damp cellar.  A pathway leads down a passage to the left and right.  On the far side of the room I spot a steep, steel ramp.  I try climbing it but it's impossible to do.  Confused and scared, I decide to walk down one of the passageways. 

   Far down the passage I see an immense chasm lying before me.  My heart jumps into my throat.  Creeping to the edge, I hold the small lantern I had and peer over the edge.  The bottom is no where in sight.  In a panic I press my back to the wall and sidle my way down the narrow path along side the chasm.  Turning a corner I find a small gallery of paintings.  Most of the paintings are missing and were most likely taken a long time ago.  Over on the far wall I one painting.  It's a beautiful painting of a vast field of flowers.  It is a master piece.  Why would someone take all the other paintings, but leave this piece?  I wondered.  More importantly, why is there an art gallery down in this place?

   Remembering my current situation a coldness washed over me.  I still had no idea where I was.  Quickly backtracking, I slowly walked past the great chasm and made my way back to the cellar.  With no other way to go but down the opposite passage, I made my way down.  I was lead down long and narrow hallway, with many twists and turns.  A wretched smell was drifting along some unseen air current.  I could barely contain my gagging. 

   Slowly moving, breathing through my mouth, I creep ever closer to the source of the stench.  As the path widens, I see bloodstains spattered across the walls on both sides.  Deep scratches have been cut into the walls and ground, as if by some massive blade.  Further ahead, past the light of my lantern, I hear deep grunts and mumbles.  The smell is almost unbearable at this point.  Making the last turn I stop dead in my tracks.

   Bones.  Human bones.  Scattered all across the room are corpses of men long dead.  Picked clean of their flesh.  Standing in the center of the gore, is a monstrosity that no mere words could describe the entirety of its horror.  An enormous ogre.

The End

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