Day 1: The Adventure Begins

We begin with a man waking, suddenly, in a field. He has no memory of who he is or how he got there. All he knows is his name: Elend. This is his story

   I woke with a start.  I was lying down in a small field of grass.  Staring down at me were the soft, evening clouds.  I had no idea where I was.  Thinking harder I realized that I had no idea about anything.  Not a single memory could I bring to mind.  Save for one, my name.  I am Elend, and I am definitely lost.  As I picked myself off the ground I slowly looked around.  A forest surrounded me, and in the distance I could see a small, seemingly abandoned, white house to the east.  With no other visible options, I made my way over to the house.

   As I crept up the steps they creaked beneath my weight.  Without any real hope, I knocked on the wooden door.  No answer.  I turned the knob and nudged the door.  Not a budge.  Desperately, I heaved all my weight into the door.  Nothing. 

   Something must be blocking it.  I thought to myself.  Stepping back, I began to look around.  To my left I spotted a small path running around the house.  I walked down the steps of the front porch and trotted to the pathway.  As I came around the side of the house I saw boarded up windows.  Definitely abandoned,  I reassured myself. 

   The path I was on split to the left into the forest , and also continued around the house.  I walked to the back side of the house to check for any backdoor.  No doors, but at the far end was a window cracked open.  The window was stiff, it obviously hadn't been moved in years.  Pushing hard on the window, with great effort it was forced open.  I climbed in through the window sill and found myself in a small little kitchen. 

   The house had a foreboding silence to it.  In the kitchen was a large table.   On the table, I saw a glass bottle of water and a brown sack.  I lifted up the sack, the smell of peppers wafted out.  This lunch was very recently made.

   "I guess this place isn't as abandoned as I thought."  I said to no one, trying to cut through the silence.  Without really considering the consequences, I took the sack and bottle.  Looking around I saw a chimney in the corner.  It lead down into the cellar as far as I could tell.  On the far end of the room was a staircase leading upwards into darkness.  But towards the front of the house was a doorway leading into a room naturally lit by the large windows. 

   Walking into the front room of the house I see what stopped me from getting in through the front door.  It has been nailed shut, and wasn't going to be opened anytime soon.  A small piece of wood was hanging on the door.  Written on it, in strange lettering was, 'This space intentionally left blank.'  "Strange."  I thought aloud.  Scanning the room I see a large oriental rug in the middle of the room.  Off to the side I see an empty trophy case with a brass lantern on it.  Above the lantern is an antique sword hanging on the wall.  I take the lantern with me as I walk back to the kitchen.  I decide to take a look around up stairs.

   Walking up the steps, it quickly becomes dark.  Thankfully for my quick thinking I had grabbed the lantern.  As I turn on the lantern, it emits a brilliant light which easily light my view of an attic.  The only things in the attic are a large coil of rope and a small table, with a nasty looking knife lying on it.  I immediately pick up the rope and store it away.  Grabbing the knife, I take a closer look.  It's old, dull, and well beyond use.  I drop it back on the table and head downstairs. 

   I head back to the front room of the house.  Standing on the rug, I hear the floor creak.  I gave a hard stomp with my foot and hear a hollow noise beneath me.  Moving the rug aside, it reveals a trapdoor underneath.  I pull it open and see an old, rickety staircase leading down.  With a gulp and a shudder I look down.  Remembering the sword hanging on the wall, I grab it for protection and slowly climb down through the trap door.  Completely unprepared for what might be waiting.

The End

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