Meet The NeighborsMature

Phyllis entered the building that she would be staying in and took it all in once again. Even though she had already seen it on the tour, she was able to just really sit there, and enjoy the site before her. She was so happy.

"I can't believe I live here," She said mumbling under her breath.

She looked around the first floor. There were TVs on the wall. There were lounge seats in front of them. There was a help desk and a pool table. There were vending machine for snack and drinks. There was also a little kitchenette are with a full stove and a refrigerator. This place pretty much had anything she needed. She looked around at the people that were around her age just treating this place like they had been here all their lives. She'd wondered how long it would take for her to adjust.

Phyllis decided she'd have time to gawk at the scene before her later and she had better go and see her room. She took the elevator up to the fifth floor and walked down to room 518. On the door, there was folded and taped. She took it off and read it.

Welcome to Kingsley Phyllis! I hope you find everything you need and more. If you need anything, the room to left of yours has two boys in there. Their names are Rian and Robin. They're twins. Not sociable to necessarily everyone, but some reason I feel like they'll easily become friends with you. The room to the right of yours has a girl named Rory. She's the red headed tomboy that loves wearing converse. Don't let her fool you though, she can dress up when needed. There's a guy in there named Ryley. He's dating a guy on the 6th floor so don't be alarmed if you see him with a guy. This place is pretty tolerant of a lot. Make yourself at home. Your room mate should be there in an hour or so.



AKA someone you’ll meet very soon.

P.S. I just wrote this note to try and help you out a bit so you won't be too overwhelmed.

"Thank you Kat... whoever you may be." Phyllis held the note in her right hand while using the left to dig her key out of her pocket and unlock her door. 

Her room was pretty awesome for an on campus bedroom. There were full size beds. Each had two bed sets rolled up on them for her to pick from. Each bed set had a different design. She had chosen the bed to the right and picked the bed set that was royal blue with random purple and silver circles all over it. The other bed set she put away in what she figured was her closet. It was a sliding door closet with a full body mirror. She put the extra bed set on the top shelf and look down to see her luggage.

"Well, would you look at that? They did deliver my luggage before I got here. Well let's get settled in."

Phyllis figured that if she could unpack, she would be able to be set up for the most part when her room mat get here. So she started with the bed since her bed set was already picked out. She quickly made the bed up nice and neat. But, it was too quiet. So she pull out her smaller suit case and got her docking station out and hooked her phone up to it.

As the music began to play, she continued unpack the small suit case since it was already open. There was a tall dresser at the end of her bed against the wall, and she just began putting clothes away in there since they were already folded. She also took out her toiletries and stocked them in the bathroom. Although there was no need. The bathroom was stocked with soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, and everything else. The only thing they didn’t have were her hair products, which she’d brought thankfully.

With the fist suitcase unpacked in fifteen minutes, she sat for a minute. Her music paused to give off an alert letting her know she had a message. She went go and see who it was from.

It was her father. It read:

Hey Phyllis. Did you make there safely? I didn’t get to see you leave this morning.

Phyllis rolled her eyes. She responded so that he would stop texting because she knew if she didn’t he would blow up her phone.

Yes. But I’m surprised you care since every decision you make involves on Sara. Now if you’ll excuse me. I need to finish unpacking.

She put her phone down and went to grab the biggest suit case. Inside were clothes that needed to be hung up, which was an easy task for Phyllis. She never minded doing laundry. She hung all of her clothes on hanger within another twenty minutes. She didn’t have all of her clothes, but she figured she could go and shop for more later. Then she grabbed her duffel bag and took her shoes out. There were most flat, sandals, and converse. She brought three pairs of heels with her. She figured she wouldn’t be doing much partying so she didn’t need that many party clothes.

And with that, she was done unpacking. She decided she would go down to the lobby and maybe get a snack. When she went down, she decided on the vending machine. She bought a Dr. Pepper and a bag of Lays chips. Something simple.

Just at Phyllis was going to find a place to sit, Phyllis heard the sounds of balls knocking each other around. She looked over at the pool table and subconsciously walked over. Phyllis was amazing at playing pool.

She walked over to watch four people play. One was a red head girl dressed in cut off jean shorts, and tank top, and red high top converse. There two boys that seemed to be twins. But one had brown hair, and the other was a little dirtier blonde. The last guy was kind of just sitting there watching the game start. He didn’t seem to be interested in playing, just watching. But every now and then he was checking his phone. Then it clicked in Phyllis’ head who they were.

“Um, hi. Mind if I join?” Phyllis asked stepping closer to the pool table.

“Umm. I’m not so sure about that,” said one of the twins, not even taking a second to look up. He had just assumed that a random wanted to play pool with them. No one plays pool with them just like that.

“Wow, the note was right about you twins I guess. “ Phyllis leaned against the back of a chair and waited.

The other twin looked up and said, “What note?”

“”Well, there was a note on my door when I got here today. Apparently, you twins, and those two over there,” Phyllis began pointing in the direction of the red head and the other guy. “Are my neighbors. I stay in room 518. Just moved in today.”

The twin that asked about the note, seemed to be gazing at Phyllis. He thought she was the sexiest little thing in the world. She was short and blonde and had the beautiful shade of blue eyes ever. Maybe he could get to know her.

“So you’re our new neighbor?” He asked.

“Correct you are my friend.”

“Cool. I’m Rian,” he said gesturing to himself. “And you are?” He stuck a hand out.

“Phyllis.” She took his hand and shook it. “And if you’re Rian, jerk face over here that couldn’t even look up from the pool table for two seconds must be your twin Robin.” She nodded her head in his direction. Then she pointed toward the girl and the last guy. “Those two over there must be Rory and Ryley. Wow a lot of R names. I feel left out.”

“How’d you know our names?” asked Rory.

“I’m psychic!” Phyllis responded. Everyone just kind of looked at her for a moment. “It was a joke guys.” She put her hands up in defense. “Just a joke. It was all in the note.”

“Well, who sent you the note?” asked Ryley.

“Um someone named Kat?” Everyone kind of mumbled their realizations as she said the name.

“Well that explains it,” Said Rian. “Kat is the floor advisor. She’s probably out today if she left a note. Usually she’ll greet you in person the day you move in.”

“Cool what she like.”

“Oh she’s a total pain,” Robin said.

Rory intervened. “That’s only because he and Kat have had a couple of disagreements.”

“Well, I can see that happening with someone like yourself.” Phyllis gave Robin a pat on the back. “After all you are the jerk that wouldn’t let me play pool. Didn’t even look to see who I was or what I looked like. Hey, at least I know you didn’t judge me by my appearance jerk face.” Phyllis was smirking with all of the sarcasm she was using.

“Oh yeah. She’ll adjust just fine,” Ryley said. “Rory and I both had our own experiences with Robin when we moved in. Both of the twins can be that way at times. Robin is just way worse.”

“Well thanks for the heads up. I would stay and play pool despite the fact the jerk face over here told me I couldn’t, but uh… I think my roommate should be here by now. I’m going to go introduce myself to her.”

“Or him,” said Rory. “They don’t really care about gender here. Any mistake you make is on you. Have fun.”

“I’ll try and remember that. Maybe it’ll be a hot guy, and I’ll be rooming with my new friend with benefits.” Phyllis said this in a joking tone, but Rian rolled his eyes, obviously already jealous. He had a crush on Phyllis already and planned on not wasting any time getting to know her.

Phyllis walked went back up to the fifth floor to see if her roommate was here yet. Indeed he was. And turns out, she already met him.


“Phyllis? You’re my roommate?”

“Looks like it.”

“Awesome! Someone I already know. And a good looking roommate too.”

Phyllis blushed. “Not so bad yourself. So have you settled in yet, because if so I was wondering if you were hungry?”

“Actually I just finished, and I’m starving. Wanna go and find some food?”

“Sure. On the way out, if they’re still down there, I can introduce you to our neighbors.”

“That would be great. Come on. Let’s go.” Kolby opened the door and held it open for Phyllis. “After you.” He bowed.

“Why thank you kind sir.” Phyllis pretend as if she had a skirt on and curtseyed. They both laughed as they headed out the door. In the elevator on the way down, they just lightly chatted about the things they have in common, like their love of Marvel over DC, and passion for art. Phyllis didn’t realize she could have so much in common with anyone. Not even her friends have this many things in common with her.

“Okay, I’ve got one. McDonalds… or Chic-Fil-A?” asked Kolby.

“Ewww. That one is too easy. Chic-Fil-A!” Phyllis responded.

“What do you mean eww? McDonalds is the shit!” the elevator dinged and slid open.  They walked out still chatting.

“I haven’t eaten McDonalds since I was about twelve years old. I’m so not used to it anymore that when I do give it a try, it tastes so disgusting.”

“Well, remind me to never take a break from McDonalds. Their food is soo addictive! I could eat it all day every day.”

“Gross!” The came into the lobby area to find their neighbors still at the pool table. “Hey guys. This is my roommate Kolby. I actually ran into him at the airport. Coincidentally he became my roommate.” She touched Kolby’s shoulder as a friendly gesture while she introduced him. Of course, Rian thought otherwise.

“Wow, he’s a cute one!” Rory shouted. She jumped off of her stool to go shake Kolby’s hand. “I’m Rory. Nice to meet you Kolby.”

Rian just huffed a loud irritated sigh, trying to stay focused on the game.

“Agreed!” added Ryley. He stayed seated and just waved. “I’m Ryley. I room with the lunatic that just jumped all over you.”

“Nice to meet you both.” Kolby said, just grinning at how they interact with each other.

“Well, looks like both of the twins are being jerk faced at the moment Kolby. Buy the brown haired one is Rian and the dirty blonde jerk face is Robin.”

“At least I don’t flip flop sweetheart. I’ll be a jerk to you all the time if you keep calling me that,” Robin said smirking.

“Well then you had better get used to that name and many more to come, asshole,” responded Phyllis.

“It’s cool. I’m sure there are more people in this school besides the one’s right here. I know how to make friends. I’m a big boy,” joked Kolby.

“That’s the spirit!” Phyllis joked right along with him. “Well guys, Kolby and I are going to go get something to grub on. We just landed here about three hours ago and we’re pretty starved right about now. Check back with you later.”

As they walked off, a separate conversation had begun.

“Hey guys, do you think we should invite her to come with us Wednesday?” asked Rory. “She definitely seems like she could handle it.”

“Sure. Phyllis could definitely handle it. But I’m not too sure about the Kolby kid,” added Rian.

“That’s because you obviously like Phyllis. I’m gay, not clueless,” responded Ryley.

“Shut the fuck up.”

“We don’t even know what she came here for. We were all forced to come here because of things we had done back home. Too rebellious for our home towns.” Chimed in Robin.

“So, how about we try to figure out why both of them are here tomorrow. Kind of make it seem like we’re just making conversation. And if they tell us what we’re looking to here, they can both come. The more the merrier. Plus I’m to get into that Kolby guy,” said Rory.

“Don’t you mean you’re looking for him to get into you?” asked Ryley.

“Well… that too” Rory shrugged, unashamed of her ways.

“Alright. It’s a plan.”

The End

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