Katiana Hennings gulped. She wasn't sure about this so much anymore... really not sure...
The days in jail, the look of disappointment on her parents faces, the gun the police would have aimed at her...
"KAT!!!! I said, are you in?" Jo said, snapping in her face. Kat smirked.
"I'm in," She said, putting on dark sunglasses, "I'm all in."


I sat on the damp leaves that thoroughly covered the ground of the MayOaks forest. It had stormed earlier that day, preventing me from coming at my usual time. 

I was relaxing against the bark of a particularly sticky, sappy maple tree trunk, and it was getting on my nerves. I was very tempted to close my emerald green eyes and try to forget the sticky goo that would take many nights of washing to get out of my curly, dark red hair. But I knew sleeping would be like giving Chase permission to leave me there and go Underground without me. 

He had been running the idea past me many times that particular week, and my answer remained the same. 

"I really want to. I want to learn, I want to train." He would shake his head at me and mumble something about me being far too excited about giving him a heart attack. 

His last attempt came with a very thorough shutting up by Raphelle.

"Dear God Chase. Get over it, you knew she would have to start eventually, especially since you admitted yourself you wouldn't be able to protect her always."

That was a week ago, and four weeks ago I met them both. Those two were the talk of the school when they came...

"Kat? Katiana Hennings are you even pretending to listen to me?" I rolled my eyes and shook my head at my best friend, Johanna Montgomery, or as she was commonly referred to as, Jo.

"Not really. But I'm well aware you are planning to continue to talk to me about it." I said while continuing to rummage through my locker. It was very organized, as usual. The rummaging was faked, in the intention of wasting as much time as possible so Jo and I could have the hallway to ourselves.

Unfortunately, all hopes of that happening were shattered with the entry of the most talked about siblings in the school. The girl walked proud as ever, her head held high and her strides confident. She had the air of a queen and the features of a goddess. She wore expensive looking designer clothes, had a pretty face, long jet black hair, tanned skin, and the body girls dream of while they stuff their face with ice cream.

She was tall and her eyes smoothly moved over everyone, as if she were scoping out her opponents, searching for weaknesses before a fight. She had a smirk on her face, which turned into a warm smile for a millisecond when her eyes swept over Jo.

They know each other... I thought to myself, I decided I would ask when and if the need to know was ever required. Keeping my head forward, I asked Jo a question under my breath.

"Name?" She also did not turn to me as she answered.

"Raphelle. Adoptive sibling to her: Chase." She turned her head very slightly towards them. The stealthy way we gossiped or asked questions was the way we have always been, and we tended to act more like business partners than friends around others.

The boy, Chase, didn't have as much of a regal presence as his sister. He didn't seem to care about looks; he simply wore baggy jeans and a T-shirt and kept a calculating and slightly cold look on his face. Like me I suppose. I like to call it secretive.

And there were very little things in the world I loved more than secrets.

He was tall, with a lean, but muscular build. He had a pair of hazel eyes, and his hair was a very light brown and it sat on his head as a mass of tight curls. I yanked absentmindedly on some of my own looser curls. Jo looked at me sideways, and then broke into a large smile.

"You've been analyzing him for a lot longer than you usually do to people," She whispered excitedly, "Am I sensing a crush?" I turned to her with a bored expression.

"No." I deadpanned, and then began walking to my History class.

Jo slammed both of our spinach green locker doors shut and walked quickly to catch up. I slowed my pace slightly and let my petite best friend catch up to me.

She fixed her square, black glasses, which I swear would look weird on anybody but her. I like them a lot, they magnify her already big pale green eyes and give her that adorable nerd look when matched with her very short dark brown hair, which is always in high, bouncy ponytail. Today she wore one of her favorite outfits, black cargo pants and a blue Sonic the Hedgehog tee.

"I am detecting a lie. Of course, you are far too stubborn to admit that." I stopped suddenly and glared at her.

"If you really were detecting a lie, which I can guarantee you are not, I would be more than careful about not letting you see that." She gave me her own glare, which was far more intimidating than mine.

"I know when you are lying, and you are. Either you don't know it yet, or you are refusing to believe it," Suddenly she smiled wide and spun around on her heel, "See you tonight." She called, effectively ending the conversation and making me feel stupid. I sighed.

Jo: 1,045 points, me: 0...

 I smirked at the truth of my thoughts...

On an average day, I would rush to my locker after the last bell then walk quickly to the privacy of the library. On an average day I would see Jo in some secluded corner of the library typing away on a computer. On an average day she would sense my presence and click off of whatever she happened to be working on then talk happily to me until our buses arrived.

Today was not an average day. I walked in to see Jo walking into the small conference room in the far left corner of the library. I caught the tiniest glimpse of tan, curly hair before she shut the door. Something was up... and I hate being left out.

I quickly whipped my small blue flip phone out of my pocket and went to its recorder. I tiptoed to the door of the conference room and pressed record, slipping the mouthpiece under the small slit at the bottom of the door.

Unfortunately, the minute long restriction cut their conversation short. Gathering my books and purse, I quickly made the decision to walk home and make a little, detour, to Jo's house on my way.

Her home was two stories high and a cozy light brown with large rose bushes guarding the windows. I threw my things into one of the bushes and snuck around back.

My father was a total spy geek. For my birthday when I turned 7, he gave me a small video camera. Jo and I set it up in her room my 15th birthday, and then we completely forgot about it.

It was after that birthday she started disappearing. She would be late to our sleepovers or be in some strange country way off somewhere.

I climbed up the large oak right next to her house and snuck into her always unlocked window.

Being very careful not to disturb anything in her messy, cluttered room, I grabbed the tiny camera from the top left corner of her lime green room. I quietly closed the window and hastily climbed down the tree.

The camera was long dead, but that's okay.

I have footage and recordings.

Eyes and Ears...

The End

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