Chapter 6 - Darkness

“Blasted to the Nine Hells! Can’t you do anything right?” he cursed at the acolyte.


“My apologies, Master Godeafin, I will try to do better,” the acolyte stammered quickly, he knew what happened to anyone that crossed the Master of the Clan of the Web.


“Be sure that you do! Or you and your family will find themselves in the dwarven mines with the other filth of the Underdark,” Vornatar spat, throwing the lap tray containing the parchment, ink and quill he was to use to sign off on the document at the doorway where the acolyte had made a hasty retreat.


“Tsk, tsk, my Dear,” came a condescending voice, sweet as honeyed milk. “Is it safe to come in, or will we be throwing many more tantrums today?” she chuckled.


“Watch your tone, Cleric,” Vornatar growled, “that bumbling idiot spilled hot wax on me…”


Laughter cut him off, “yes, we wouldn’t want to burn anything that may have a use in the future,” Jysyl crooned.


She was the only one that could address him in such a manner – title allowed for it.


“What news do you bring me or are you merely here for a social call,” he demanded.


“I am always social, My Lord,” the she-drow countered, dripping with sarcasm, “but duty has called me into service to come here. Your mage-pet seems to have figured out a way to have it work, as planned.”


She watched as the news registered in Vornatar’s mind. Turning his back on her, he seemed to be looking into the hearth’s fire. She could only guess that his characteristically evil smile was spreading across his dark face.  


“This is the best news I have received today,” he turned, stalking towards his companion, stopping short of crashing into her, “would you care to celebrate with me?” he asked, anxiously, a hand moving to the small of her back.


Seductive thoughts flittered through Jysyl’s mind, briefly, “Pray, what kind of celebrations do you refer,” she replied, almost breathless.


“Why, my dear High Priestess and First Cleric,” he slurred her full title,  before moving away again, breaking the spell, “seeing what the mage can do,” he was rubbing his hands excitedly as he left the room.


“Of course,” she replied to the empty room, “I can think of no other way to spend my evening.”

The End

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