Story based on D&D.


The sounds of morning permeated her senses. Birds were just beginning their joyous songs, intertwining melody from larks and harmony from sparrows together during their pre-dawn flight. With eyes still closed, she smiled, picturing the feathered beauties joining up in flight high in the air just to race towards the dewy grass to have their first chance at the plump earthworms escaping from their watery holes.

“Three, two, one…” the half-elven ranger counted down to a sudden clatter of pots and pans. Valna looked towards her traveling companion and what sort of trouble she was getting herself into already. 

“Sorry,” the halfling rogue murmured, a little bashful. “I know you like to listen to the day but I thought that I would make you a some tar-bean tea and warm some broth from last nights meal and…” 

Valna chuckled as she sat up – holding a hand palm outward to the halfling to stop the barrage of words spilling from her mouth. 

“I knew what you were up to,” Valna said, with a smile creeping across her face, “my thanks to you, friend.”

Valna Thistlepath stretched both lithe arms over her head, working out the kinks of sleeping on the ground, again.  The glade had provided good cover from the elements, but it was still ground. Rocks and twigs still managed to poke through her sleeping rolls.

She looked over their small encampment, a necessity to dry the meats and herbs that they had managed to accumulate along the way if they were to remain in any condition for further use. Hares were good stewed and their furs made good mittens for wear in the colder areas.  The drying herbs had varied uses, including medicinal and flavoring, some for tea the others for cooking.

“We should be able to break camp today, Kithri,” the half-elf said, reaching for the mug offered to her by her companion, “I’m sure you’ll be happy to be moving again.”

“Absolutely, there are more areas to map along the way. Caves and bluffs and glens and…” the halfling continued, more under her breath and to herself than anyone else.

Valna was used to the verbal diatribe that flowed freely from Kithri Sandstone. It was a good complement to her quieter nature.  Usually when Kithri spoke it allowed Valna to observe the situation and come to conclusions based on other reactions. It had served its purposes back in the town they had just left a week ago.  

Dark thoughts of the news she was to bring home marred her serene features for but a moment. It was an issue that the High Council would need to address, nothing that a mere ranger had any bearing upon.

Breaking camp and packing their things after their quick morning meal of leftovers from the previous night, Valna paused and whistled low and long. Making nickering noises, she walked forward and greeted her long-time friend, Windstepper, a cream colored mare with chocolate brown mane and tail.

“Did you have a restful night,” Valna asked the mare, stroking and hugging her neck before placing the traveling supplies and packs across her wide back.

Restringing her longbow for the journey and hoisting her quiver of arrows, Valna made ready to leave the solitude of the glen in search for the path to her home deep in the woods. Kithri, sling sticking out from one side of her belt and dagger sticking out of the other, was already waiting on a rock nearby, anticipation lighting up her small round face.

The End

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