Megan Sumner sat alone, outside. She was cold, and drew her knees up to her chest and tucked her arms inside the sleeves of her red CHERUB T- shirt.

Her breath curled up like white smoke into the sky, and Megan pressed her back against the damp wall of the Education Block. It was empty at this time of night, and everyone was either in the canteen, or in their warm, bright rooms.

Staring out over the perimeter fence, she watched the trees sway in the breeze, their leaves begining to flutter to the ground in a gracefull, slow dance. Megan's eyes began to flicker shut, and she yawned.

Without warning, a wall of force hit Megan, causing her ears to pop and her eyes to smart furiously. She was crushed against the wall, as, before her eyes, a huge chunk of the perimeter fence disintergrated before her.

Eyes wide, frozen on the ground with shock, she watched as a lithe, black clad figure picked it's way delicatley across the rubble.

The explosion had been almost silent, like a sonic boom without the sound.

Megan couldn't think of anything that could destroy a huge concrete wall in seconds without huge fireballs and mass destruction.

The figure drew closer. It's gait was distinctly feminine, and it stolled gracefully across the perimeter until a pair of slim, shapley, black leggin-clad legs stood in front of Megan.

Only then did Megan scream, as a hand grabbed her, and everything blurred, and went dark.

The End

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