Undercover: a CHERUB FanFiction

Lauren Adams collapsed into a plastic chair and slammed her overflowing tray of food onto the canteen table with a loud bang.

"I'm totally dead," she complained, brushing strands of fair hair off her sweaty forehead.

Smirking, her boyfriend Rat twirled spaghetti round his fork. "What happened? Laps round the dojo?"

 "Nah, Lauren's too goody goody for that," joked James, who had his arm slung carelessly round Dana's shoulders. "She was just running to see you, Rat..." James waggled his eyebrows.

Lauren scowled at her older brother, as did Bethany who was sitting next to her. "Actually, it was a bit more serious than that. You remember Kevin, James? Kevin Sumner?"

"The kid me and Bruce had to bully to get rid of his fear of heights. Yeah, I remember Kev." Dana looked shocked. "You had to bully him?" She exclaimed. "But he's tiny!" James shrugged. "It helped him. He got through Basic Training, anyway."

Lauren groun her teeth, irritated. "As I was saying, apparently some of James and Boris' bullying tactics rubbed off on him. His little sister Megan was doing the high ropes course, and he, well..."

"Great. Now he's terrorising his baby red-shirt sister," Boris groaned. "Large will totally blame us." There was a mubling of agreement round the cramped canteen table.

"Large'll take any oppertunity to take you guys down," Dana said matter-of-factly, spearing a potato and swalowing it whole.

"Wait, what actually happened to Megan? What did Kevin do to her?" James said suddenly.

"I was about to tell you," Lauren told him grumpily. "Megan was scared stiff, half-way through the course, and Kevin just shoved her forewards. Didn't mean to hurt her, but she fell right off."

James sucked air through his teeth, grimacing. "Poor kid," he said. "That's enough to put anyone off Basic Training for ages."

"Megan's only very small. She won't get her blue shirt for a couple of years yet, but everyone will have to help her conquer her new fear," Lauren told her friends. "I saw it happen, and had to winch Megan to the ground. She was terrified, poor thing. Covered in scratches from branched, and shivering. Ran her all the way to the nearest teacher."

Everyone chattered about this for a while, eating and laughing with eachother, but Lauren was more withdrawn than usual. Seeing Megan, afraid and alone and struck a soft spot.

At the same time that a table full of CHERUB agents were chatting together, a lone figure skulked through the shadow of the perimiter fence. The extensive CHERUB campus lay inside, and the figure was quick to open a sports backpack and draw out a small, dark object.

Within a few minutes, the small dark object was positioned on the fence by the Education Block, one small red light pulsing in the blackness.

The End

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