◖ Under the Tree ● Mohinder & Claire ◗

And in turn, seeing Claire so happy, melted Mohinder's heart. This was the beginning of a beautiful family, was thought in the back of his mind as he accepted the kiss to his cheek. "A female kitten. Name her however you wish." An arm moved around her back to pull her and their new bundle closer before he leaned down to kiss the feline's tummy.

At her question though, with the kitten and Claire's eyes right in his face, he couldn't help but smile and give a quiet, yet nervous laugh. "I-um, I know we have not discussed this before, but I must tell you, I've thought about it several times." After tickling under the kitten's chin, he did the same to Claire in a playful manner. "I'm confident you would make an excellent mother one day... that is, if you want to. If not, that's perfectly alright as well. It's your choice. This fluffy bundle is most sufficient." As if the cat knew what he was saying, it leaned over to lick his cheek.

That was one reason he hadn't brought the subject up - never would he pressure her into anything. Normally it was the woman who would bring up the idea of children, but Mohinder was getting anxious waiting for that moment. Carefully he watched her, wondering what her reaction to this would be, the hand along her back rubbing in support of whatever she wanted.

The End

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