◖ Under the Tree ● Mohinder & Claire ◗

Imagining the scenario Mohinder had planned out, Claire chuckled as she most enthusiastically kissed him back. Even if he couldn’t surprise her, Mohinder could kiss. She had half a mind to surprise him with her own creativity, but he chose that moment to part and present her with a rustling box. Claire, raising a brow, peered inside as Mohinder flipped the lid.

It might possibly have contained the cutest kitten Claire had ever seen. 

Her own eyes widened as it pawed her shirt and let out the tiniest of meows, effectively melting her heart. Lips pursed together as she held back a squeal of delight and reached into the box to hold the animal to her chest. It immediately burrowed against her neck and began purring, and Claire could no longer hold back her joy. A long noise, somewhere between a high pitched squeak and a moan escaped her lips, and she looked up at Mohinder with watery eyes.

“It’s….he? she?….is simply perfect,” she enthused, one hand running through the kitten’s fluff. Grinning, she leaned over to kiss his cheek before covering the top of the kitten’s head in kisses. It seemed only mildly perturbed and continued purring, looking to Mohinder and meowing quietly.

Only just now catching Mohinder’s last words, Claire arched a brow at him, smile turning playful. “Children, you say?” Turning the kitten to face him, she moved it toward his face and mimicked the animal’s big eyes.

“Is this fluffy bundle of joy insufficient?”

The End

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