◖ Under the Tree ● Mohinder & Claire ◗

Mohinder should have known better than to try to hide from Claire. With held breath, he listened for footsteps and any hints of where she was heading next. It sure was quiet and no other doors were being open nearby, which was confusing. Then there was noises as though she’d given up? Hmm…

Just as he was about to peek out, there she was, almost causing him to jump, but instead, he laughed quietly. “Interesting story - I had planned to be waiting under the tree for you, sprawled out. But once I heard you speaking to someone, I quickly hid, thinking you had company.” A light rub to her hand was given before he accepted it, quickly hopping up and pulling her into a warm embrace, complete with an enthusiastic kiss.

Quiet scratching came from below, instantly reminding Mohinder that he wasn’t the only present he had prepared for Claire. “Ah yes, I think you should open this present early, before it opens itself.” Gently he brought the box up to Claire and grinned wide as he flipped the top open.

Huge green eyes sparkled in the light of the Christmas tree as a small, fluffy head popped up to sniff at Claire with curiosity. Then a paw appeared and patted at her shirt as if saying, Yes, I approve of this human. “Mew?” Translation: Ham time yet?

“This kitten is what they call a Maine Coon. From my research, they make excellent companions, especially if you have children.” Mohinder cleared his throat and gave a thoughtful smile. “You know, just in case…” He would have been lying if he said the thought hadn’t crossed his mind before.

The End

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