◖ Under the Tree ● Mohinder & Claire ◗

“That sound brilliant,” she enthused to her brother, adjusting the phone to open the door to the apartment she and Mohinder lived in. Listening to her brother’s response and outline of their holiday activities, Claire only half caught some sort of motion of of the corner of her eye. It was enough to put her on alert, however, and she was thankful her conversation with William was at an end.

“Then I will see you tomorrow. Yes, I’ll bring the things for punch, I know I make it better. J'adore aussi.” She set the phone and her purse down on the kitchen counter (never seeing Mohinder’s message), taking in her surroundings; it was then she saw the Santa shirt on the couch. There was no sign of forced entry, none of the windows were open…her mind ran through a dozen possibilities as she palmed one of her knives, moving toward the tree where she’d seen movement.

Mohinder must’ve put more presents out while she was gone…and built a sort of hiding place behind them? Oooooh…events clicked in her head and she glanced back to the red and white shirt with new understanding. It was going to take some time to overcome her suspicious survival tendencies. Letting out a quick breath, she sheathed her knife and took off her own jacket, acting as though everything were normal. She went to set it on the hook by the door, took off her shoes, and came back to fill a glass with water. Leaving the cup in the sink to fill, she quietly stalked back to the presents, finding the blanket Mo had pulled over himself. She smirked and bent to pull the blanket back, revealing her shirtless love.

“Well aren’t you just adorable, wrapped up for me…” she chuckled, poking the tip of his nose. “You could’ve just latched the door, you know, and greeted me there.” Winking playfully, she offered him a hand up.“

The End

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