◖ Under the Tree ● Mohinder & Claire ◗

A snippet of a Mohinder and Claire Christmas.

The table was set perfectly with holiday theme and the stove was on low heat to keep the food warm as it waited for Claire’s arrival, which would be any minute. A quiet Christmas meal awaited her… Or would it really be so quiet?

In the living room, Mohinder was busy rearranging the presents under the tree as well as getting into the wine early. Not paying attention to how much he’d sipped already, he was tipsy and feeling no pain. With a goofy grin, he glanced down at himself and the suit he was wearing to surprise Claire in - a red Santa outfit, complete with hat. “Hmm,” he mumbled to himself before taking off the long sleeved top and tossing it aside on the couch. There, shirtless would be more to Claire’s approval, he thought with a smirk.

A noise from one of the presents below pulled a small jump from the geneticist before he knelled down to offer his finger to one of the air holes in said present. “Do not worry, it won’t be long, little one. Then I will share my ham with you. I promise.” Those words were met with a playful nip and then a lick on his fingertip before he sat down beside the box, eventually lying down to get comfortable under the tree as he waited. To complete the scene, he reached over to grab a bow and attach it to his chest.

After a few minutes, there was the sound of a door opening, complete with Claire’s voice. But… she wasn’t talking to him, but to someone else? She had brought home company?! Oh gods, he couldn’t be seen like this! As if his life depended on it, he scurried around to hide behind the wall of presents, even pulling a nearby blanket over himself. Hopefully acertain present with air holes would be quiet for a few minutes because he wanted to give Claire that box personally.

As she came into the living room, it quickly became apparent that she was on her cellphone, and alone. A sigh of relief escaped him before an idea came to him. Without a sound, he brought out his phone to text her. I’m home. Come find me, m'love, it read. Yes, Mohinder was a dork when tipsy.

The End

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