Under The Time

Before the humans were created there were guardians protecting the Earth from the Darkness. But they failed. Under the rule of the Darkness, Corciacus, their great wizard had his own soul to make humans for a special purpose. And as the Guardians vanished, humans came. They were meant to rule the world and serve as a bait for the Darkness to destroy. After thousands of years, the ruler of the Darkness made a special clock, meant to destroy the human world in every tick. With only 24 meant to sur

     Like a clock, the world spins. What if our lives are scheduled in a clock? Can we still destroy this clock that timed our world and lives end? Only one, can have the courage to destroy the clock. But, will he be able to stop him without letting anyone die? Or is it to late? Under the time...We shall see.

The End

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