Under The SurfaceMature

Body is found struggling in the depths of the sea. They battle to keep it from drowning from the weight that is holding him/her down.

Bubbles appear on the surface.

"Quick. Lewis.... get the others, I think I just saw something."

The rest run to Kylie's aid, come scrambling to the very edge of the sea front. Leaning over the wooden bridge. The bubbles continue and hope rises. Kylie's upper body is now stretched over, staring intensely at the bubbles, figuring out how far under her friend is. She stretches herself until she feel a sudden firm grab of her leg.

"Don't go any further." Josh demanded.

Kylie turned, her face full of angst and fear. "Where the fuck are the police then!" She cried.

The bubbles continue.


They have been waiting there for two hours but there is still no sign. There are amazed to see bubbles still appearing from underneath the surface of the dangerous dark, blue sea. Their friend has not given up hope and neither have they. It is a battle between the humans and the underworld. Unfortunately the underworld seemed to have a tight firm hold of their friend.


"How far down is she?" Asked Ben.

"I don't know." Kylie exclaimed.

The bubbles continue but this time it is a dramatic, fierce burst as if some-one struggling for their last bit of breath. Then it stops. A moments silence embraces the whole of the group.  Ben stands  back and whips off his shirt.

"Screw this I'm going in."

"No, Ben."

Ben takes an athletic dive over the edge of the pier and plunges many feet below the surface. 






The End

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