A Sea Maiden

Marina always had belonged at sea. She was born in the astonishingly beautiful city of Alpha Aurora, the only underwater city on the planet. Her mother and father were merpeople, giving birth to her, a special creature that was predicted to become something great. And then all the images faded, leaving a vast hideous smudge in its place. She caught glimpses of the basket, but it quickly faded away out of sight.

Marina had always known the fact that something wasn’t right and that she didn’t really belong here at land. Everything was different between her and her family, from their appearances to their personalities. She knew perfectly well that the Ellises loved her, but somewhere in her heart, she knew that she truly belonged at sea.

The water was calling to her. The high, sweet melody was too hard to resist. She walked down the beach, and with every second passing by her yearning and longing for the water grew and grew. At last she reached the water’s edge. Suddenly she felt shy and timid. Hesitantly she dipped her toes in the water. It wasn’t cold like she’d expected, but warm and welcoming. Finally she stepped into the water, letting the ribbons of colours embrace her. She had never in her life possessed such a brilliant feeling. Her feet gradually evolved into a striking shimmery blue tail of a fish. She had transformed into her true form, a mermaid, a sea maiden.

Marina dived into ocean, feeling the water rushed through her hair. She stretched her arms, feeling the embrace of the ocean. Her hair swirled in golden waves reaching down to her waist. She had never thought of the ocean this way before. It was so stunning it was beyond even the greatest painters’ imaginaries. The corals of theGreat Barrier Reefswayed slightly as she sped past them like an old palm tree swaying in the tropical breeze. Schools of multicolored fishes swam around her forming a rainbow, making her feel like she was truly a water goddess.

The End

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