Under The Sea

Marina stood frozen on the beach, staring transfixed at the water. She wasn’t even aware of what she was doing, but that doesn’t matter. Nothing else existed that moment, only her and the deep blue sea. The waves washed ashore weren’t the normal deep blue. In fact they represented the colours of the mysterious Southern Light, the Aurora Australis. There were extraordinary and incredible pictures weaved through those colours. Somehow Marina felt strangely related to it, like it was part of her own soul.

A sequence of images flashed by. An image of a stunning city caught her eyes. Marina turned her head slightly so she could see more clearly. And there it was again, accompanied by two other pictures, floating magically in the pool of colours. Now close up, she saw that it was not just a picture of a city. It was surrounded in a beautiful shimmery blue; it was an underwater city, a city of the mermaids in legends. And there was the merpeople, a lady and a man, with their arms around their beloved children, one of which have golden hair and looked like a younger version of Marina. Blending in with the background was the small picture of a basket, slowly floating up to the surface.

Stunned by the breathtaking pictures, it was a while before Marina finally snapped out of her trance. Then it came to her. That wasn’t just any miracle, it was a miracle meant just for her. Somehow it was a kind of message.

The images all have different meanings, but they formed together to tell her a story. It was a story she was too young to remember. It was the story of her origin.

The End

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