Ichiro,Ramen and Confession.

We sat at the ramen bar in silence. I knew what Ichiro was thinking, it was, why was Haruki with another girl when he and Rin just kissed?

The bar was empty(apart from us) and there was a awkwars atmosphere around the two of us.


'It's not--'

We both said at the same time, he caught my eye and we burst out laughing. The cook smiled at us then carried on making our noodles.

'You go first, Ichiro.' I told him.

'Kay, who was that girl Haruki-kun was with? and why did he call you Kimi?'He enquired carefully.

'Well. Do you promise to keep it a secret?' I asked, he nodded, 'we were just messing around at school, then we kissed and thats when you saw us. I was really happy and I thought Haruki was going to confess to me... but then he came round and kissed me again and told me he had a girlfriend. I was really mad, so I told him to get out and never call me by my given name again...' I burbled.

Ichiro looked thoughtful for a while then went, 'ah. I see.'

'You see what?' I asked.

'So he hasn't confessed to you, Rin-chan?'He pondered.

'Nope. And even if he does, I wont accept his confession.'I said in a stubborn voice, I was like a little kid who was refusing to have a bath or something.

Ichiro stared at his hands for a moment, then turned to face me.

'If Haruki-kun hasn't confessed to you yet, Rin-chan, then I will.'He said, looking me straight in the face, 'I like you Rin. I want you to give me your permission to date you.'

'Bwaaa?' I spluttered, 'okay, jokes over, Ichiro! We've known eachother since pre-school, it'd be-- never mine. Ichiro, stop kidding around!!

'I'm not joking, Rin-chan. I deadly serious. I want you to date me. I know you love Haruki-kun, even now. But I'm willing to wait for you. I'll wait until there is only room for me in your heart.' He told me seriously.

'Ichiro. . .'

'Please consider what I have just said. I'll be looking forward to your answer later.' And with that. He left the ramen bar and me, with a still-full bown of hot noodle soup.

Why do things things happen to me?

The End

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