A Awkward Encounter.

I blinked.

'Huh?' I grunted.

'I have girlfriend. She's called Hikari, I'm sure if you met her you'd really like her--'

'Bwaaaa?'I splutered. I felt anger rising up inside my chest.

Even before he'd kissed me, why didn't he tell me? We've been friends for years! Why would he keep such a thing from me?!

'I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier. But I was a little ashamed of myself and I knew it was the right thing to do.. telling you I mean. Cause I know you'll understand--'

'Get out.'


'Please, just leave.' I hissed.

'But, Rin--'He started.

'Haruki. Don't call me Rin. Actually, it's best if you didn't talk to me for a while.'I said flatly.

'Sumairi-chan...' He sounded sad, really sad. 'I guess I should call you 'Naki-sōna hime' from now on, huh?'

I was shocked. Naki-sōna hime meant 'tearful princess'.

'I don't really give a damn. Just, please Haruki, leave. Now.'

I didn't dare look up as he went out the door because I didn't want him to see the tears that were pouring down my face.


Then Saturday came, and I just sat on my bed feeling down. Eating waffles, ice-creame and dumplings. I also read a really sad shoujo manga which made me even more upset.

Mum knocked on the door gently.

'Darling, go out and get me some strawberries and rasberries, okay? I'm real busy and your dad's on a trip.' She told me in a not unkind voice.


I rumaged around for some clothes and ended up picking out a sushi-cat tee and light blue skinnies. I looked tired-- really tired.

People would question my lack of happines and facial expression, I knew that. But it'd be enven worse if I looked ugly. So I shoved on some light make up and walked into town.

I ended up buying apples, carrots and bon bon chocolat as well as strawberries and rasberries.

I walked down the road, feeling a little lonely. My stomach growled loudly, making me smile. I hadn't had anything propor to eat for two days. Not after...

I slapped my cheeks, 'sheesh, Rin! Pull yourself together!' I told myself.

'Ah, I thought that was you, Rin-chan. Now I'm certain. Your always talking to yourself, y'know!' Laughed Ichiro, who had come up behind me.

'Whaaaa? Oh! Ichiro! Hi! I bought strawberries!' I told him because I couldn't think of anything else to say to him. Mainly cause the last time he'd seen me I'd been in lip-lock with Haruki...

'Yeah...okay...' He murmured, looking troubled. Then stomach yowled again.

'Ah! Whoops!'I giggled, blushing.

'Aha! I can solve that! Whay don't we pop down to Sayup Ramen?'He asked, smiling warmly.

'Oooh! Really? I mean, if you want to...' I grinned.

'Yup! Let's go!' He smiled. Then he took hold of my hand and pulled me along with him.

I knocked some one's bag from their had, so I stopped and bowed deepy.

'Gomen'nasai!' I squeaked.

'C'mon, Rin-chan! I'm hungry.. oh.' He ended the sentence with a tone of annoyance.

'What are you two kids doing out here like this?' Asked a sarcastic familiar voice.

I looked up, 'Oh crap... I mean, Hello.'

Haruki was looking at Ichiro with a look a severe pissiness.

Oh, and there was a skinny little ginger-haired thing stuck to his side, scowling at me.

'Ichiro, your right we better go!' I stammered. This was not a good situation to be in right now. I really couldn't be bothered to deal with this. And I was super-hungry.

'Where're ya heading... Kimi.' Hissed Haruki. Kimi. Great. Kiddo.

'Nowhere of YOUR concern. Ichiro were just going to get some lunch, together... Senpai.' I glared at him. Ichiro once again took hold of my hand, and we set off quickly.

'Man... glad that was over!' I sighed. Because I really was.

Haruki's girlfriend... she really was very pretty...

The End

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