Call me once, Call me twice.

When I go home, I was in a daze. All I could do was make grunting noises in a reply for questions and prod my lips gingery.

Haruki had kissed me!!  Haruki had kissed me!!  Haruki had kissed me!!  Haruki had kissed me!!  Haruki had kissed me!!  Haruki had kissed me!!  Haruki had kissed me!! Thats all my mind could process.

I was in the kitchen, sitting at the table not really caring that my pancakes were buring in the frying pan. They went down without any taste. The only taste in my mouth, no, my world was Haruki's.

I could hear a faint rap on the door. But I'd jjust let mum get it because I was... 'eating'.

'Rin!! Haruki is here! He says he needs help with homework!!' Yelled mother from the other room.

If I was a cat, my ears would've pricked up at the sound of his name. I stood up slowly. Remebering the kiss and I felt my face flush.

'Dammit!' I hissed to myself. I couldn't blush now!That'd give away that the kiss meant something to me, wouldn't it?

I walked into the other room(no longer blushing, thank god!) and nodded curtly at mum.

'We'll be up in my room if you need us.'I said through clenched teeth.

Haruki was smirking as if he found he whole awkward situation hilariouly funny. I glared at him, which just made his smirk larger.

'Would you like and snacks, hon?' Asked mum.

'No' 'Yes' we both said at the same time.

'Haruki gets distracted from his work when he eats so best not.'I forced a smile.

Once we got into my room. I collapsed face-first onto the bed.

'That whole situation was too embarassing for words!'I mumbled into the pillow.

Haruki sat down next to me and patted my head.

My blonde hair was fanned out around my face, so hopefully Haruki didn't see the full-on body-blush I got when he touched me.

I looked up and smiled shakily.

Haruki tilted my head up with his hand and his face grew nearer to mine. Why was he kissing me again? Did that mean he liked kissing a puney love-stuck girl like me? Yes? No? or was he just toying with me?

But nothing else mattered anymore, cause his lips were on mine and my hands were in his hair.

His citrus-y scent was filling me up ad making me lightheaded like a drug.

I felt him smile through the kiss.

I pulled away and wouldn't met his eyes, blushing furiously. I covered my face with my hands.

'Don't cover your face, sum--...'he paused, '..Rin'

I took in a shocked breath. That was the first time EVER he'd called me by my given name.It was always Atsuko-chan(my last name with the name-ending on) or Sumairi-san/chan.

'It's okay, Rin. I'll tell you the truth now.' He whispered.

'The truth? what?'

'I have a girlfriend.'


Then my little, so-called perfect world fell apart with four words

The End

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