Under the Sakura Tree

Romantic comedy about Rin, a confused teenage girl

The petal fell lightly on my finger, another fell on my golden-topped head. I smiled gently as the soft breeze brushed the cherry-blossom off my finger.

There was a loud thud. I jumped, shivered then smiled as Haruki toppled over from the fall. His dark hair was inter-woven with many pink petals. He tried to brush them out of his hair and off his clothes, with not much sucess.

I laughed as I  helped get rid of the blossoms, 'you really are a show off, Haruki-Kun!'

'You think?' Haruki mused, 'I would've thought that I was a Prince you just went up a huge Sakura tree just to get you a twig with some dumb flowers on!'

I hit hin lightly on the head, 'they are not stupid. They are delicate and pretty. Perfect things to paint... they match the colour of water-paints perfectly, their soft petals curving beautifully to-'

'Your going artist on me again, sumairī-chan.' he grinned as he put a finger to my lips. Sumairi, thats been my nick-name for the past thirteen years. It means smiley. I don't have anything against it... its just a big childish now were in middle school.

'I thought I told you not to call me that anymore ! !' I whispered through Haruki's finger. But I didn't know exactly why I was whispering.

Maybe it was because our face were so close we were almost touching, or that Haruki's finger was still against my lips, or maybe because my hand was still in his hair from being in the process of shaking out the pink petals.

Either way, if we were to kiss now, the blossoms swirling around us... hang on! how on earth did I get from whispering to kissing??!!

But it didn't really matter because the next second, Haruki's soft lips were pressed against mine. My eyes widened in shock, then closed in pure bliss. Ever since I was two, I had dreamed of Haruki marrying me and as I got older... of kissing me.

Now it was finally happening and I has no idea what to do or where to put myself. My hand was already in his hair, but what should I do with the other one thats hanging limply by my side?! Would it be weird if I put the other one round his slender neck.

Then, all too soon, Haruki pulled away, looking terribly shy and flustered, 'oh no! I'm sorry, Sumairī-chan! I mean... I didn't...'

I was slowly transforming into a tomato as I looked over his shoulder.

'Oh, man! I'm sooooooooo sorry! I didn't... uh, mean to.. um.. intrude....' Stammered Ichiro. A friend of ours. He had also mysteriously turned into a tomato, like myself.

I stepped away from Haruki and tried to act normal.

'It's um... okay! Haruki and I were just... ummm....' My voice went dangerously high at the end of the sentence.

'Yeah... well... I guess I should go now... I didn't mean to.. umm... distract you two.. I'll be on my way....'Ichiro babbled and the twirled around and sprinted in the other direction.

I looked at Haruki, who wouldn't meet my gaze. The bell rang out after a few minutes, making us jump out of the awkward  silence.

'See you! I've got IT!' We both yelled at the same time.

I laughed nervously. 'Well... I need to go find Chouki... she's got her food stuff in my locker! BYE!' I practically shrieked and ran off at high speed.

Thing were not going to be easy between us now...

The End

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