Waking up in Hospital

When my eyes open, Lotta was standing over me, her eyes were worried, her eyebrows scrunched together. My parents were on the other side of my. It took a while for my eyes to grow accustomed to the blinding whiteness of the room. In the back round, phones were ringing, and the whole place reeked of disinfectant. "Wh-where am I?" I croaked. 

"Hospital," whispered Mum, her soft voice, soothing and kind, "Thats quite a bump you've had.". 

"Mum, Dad,  there's something I need to tell-" 

"Lotta has already explained." said Dad. 

"I called your parents, an ambulance and the police. The 2 men have been arrested. The money has been returned to your parents. Every things fine." explained Lotta. 


The rest of my time in hospital went by very quickly. Soon I was back at school, facing Vanessa and her ever multiplying entourage. But she seemed less happy, now that she had nothing to control me with. I was no longer her puppet.  I had broken free. And it felt good. 


The night I got home from hospital, I lay in bed listening to an owl hoot its message outside my window. I took a chance to reflect on everything that had happened over the past months. I'd never be free of Vanessa, but at least she no longer had me under her thumb. And best of all, I had gotten a chance to play my guitar again. It felt good. I had found out that the trampy man had been paid by the multi-milionaire man to swipe the money from Dads pocket, then split it between the two of them. Now, everything had turned out ok.


Alarm rings. Again. 6:30. Again. It's raining. Again. I forgot to shut my window. Again. Here we go again. Again...

The End

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