Lotta Drew-The (loud) Breakthrough

Things are getting seriously tense now. Just 2 weeks before my family and I will be evicted. But, it was work today. Before I left, though, I asked my father to sketch a picture of the people he was gambling with. You see, he's a really good artist, and can easily pick out and enhance certain features in a person, making them easily recognisable. He used to be on a forensic team, his job to sketch pictures of victims ore suspects, so family and friends could identify them. 


At work, Lotta had a breakthrough. Unfortunately, quite a loud one. "I've got it! I've worked it out!" she cried in her excitement. I gave her a sharp look with my famously cold grey eyes. She didn't get the hint to shut up. "It was him!" she yelled triumphantly, pointing at the trampy man who had chased us the other week, "Then he split the money 50\50 with the guy in the paper!". It made sense. Oh, Kenyatta Wanaka, how could you have been so blind! My shift was over, so I grabbed Lotta by the arm and dragged her outside. "You idiot!" I hissed. 

'Sorry, I got a bit over-excited.". I couldn't stay mad at her for long. Not because I forgave her, but because the tramp dude and hiss boss were running at us. "What are we gonna do?" Lotta said frantically. 

"Well I have an idea...RUN!". She didn't need to be told twice. We tore down the pavement and down the street. But the 2 men were hot on our heels. Getting home involved crossing a road, which, in this situation, was going to be dangerous.


If ever you're tempted to run a across a road, then remember this. In our desperate escape, the drivers grew confused. Then, out of no-where, a car zoomed round a corner. The driver, maybe about twenty, was definitely drunk. The limit was thirty, and he was going at at least 35mph. He, at the last minute, swerved to avoid us. This led to him flying into a set if traffic lights. Bits of car flew everywhere, and one hit me clean on the head. 


Everything went dark. Lotta's voice screaming, "Keny!" echoed in my ears. Then, everything went blank.

The End

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