Vanessa's Bodyguard

When I got in, I found my parents sitting on the sofa, staring absently into the wall. "You're late." was all Mum said. 

"I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to get quite so absorbed in watching the night sky." was the only reply I could think of. Just another lie. Mum and Dad weren't the type to get mad. They would make you feel bad by saying things like, "I'm very disappointed in you," or, "I really thought you were old enough to be trusted. In shame, I went to bed.


Another weekend. Another Saturday. Another night at the Pick-Pocket Casino. Lotta and I had just finished our time there, and mysterious things had been happening. For one, one man wouldn't stop staring at us. He seemed to have a lot to gamble with, considering how raggedly he was dressed. We had half an hour to get home; no rush necessary. It was a beautiful evening; the moon was full and at it's brightest, the ebony black sky appeared studded with tiny diamonds. So, we decided to take the long way home. Strolling down a darkened alleyway, I had a horrible sense that we were being watched. Until Lotta broke the silence with a little yelp. I swiveled round to see what the problem was. But her eyes were fixed on something up ahead. In the the darkness, I could just about make out the form of a girl and a man. 


The girl had blonde hair and evil blue eyes. Her mouth was fixed in a sugary-sweet smile. Vanessa. The man next to her I knew from the Casino. He had been the rich, raggedy one. Vanessa plainly said, "Are they the ones you meant?". The man just nodded. Then began walking towards us, an evil expression on his face. Lotta began tugging urgently at my arm. The man picked up speed. I soon found myself walking backwards. Then I too was getting faster until eventually, Lotta and I were running. Running as fast as we could down blackened streets. I turned my head to see what distance we had made. We were still being chased. Lotta began to smile as we reached her house and safety. "What is it?" I asked. Seeing as we had both just had to run away from some random dude that didn't seem to like us all that much, I was confused at how she could possibly smile. "You know what they say." she panted.

"No, I don't." I said, still nervous from our time with the rich tramp.

"When some ones out to get you when you're trying to solve a mystery, it can only mean only one thing." she explained.

"That you need to stop before you get yourself killed?" I guessed. She rolled her eyes at me.

"No, silly! It means we're onto something!". Come to think of it, she was right. But then, she was always right. Unfortunately for me, that is.

"So was it him? I mean, he didn't try and draw attention to himself with flashy new clothes, but he still had a substantial amount of money to gamble with.".  Lotta shrugged.

"Could've been. But we'll have to ask your Dad who he was gambling against, and work it out from there.". But I wasn't listening. I was frozen watching the man who had chased us disappearing behind a bush. All I knew now, was that we were going to have to be really careful from now on. 


Neither of us fancied another meet-up with Vanessa's bodyguard...

The End

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