We have a Problem

Now we've discovered that if we don't pay our rent in 1 month, we'll be kicked out of our house, the fighting has stopped. Reality has finally got through to Mum: arguing won't bring the money back. We need to pull together. But the dream that came to my head that night was by no means reassuring...


It's a starless night, yet house lights act as substitutes in the sooty sky. Home. Warmth. Comfort. There was once a time when both these things affected me. I shiver in the moonlight. No, I'm shivering in stolen light. Light that belongs originally to the sun. But if that is the case, why isn't it warm? Why am I so cold? I look around me. The street is dark. I hear laughter from the houses. Laughter that used to be mine. Everything is wrong. My stomach is empty. As rats scurry about, I stare at the house in front of me. A house that used to be mine. A life that used to be mine...


Alarm clock. Again. 6:30. Again. It's raining. Again. Stepping out of bed, I let out a exasperated sigh. Ugh, I forgot to shut my window. Again. Once I was downstairs, I saw Mum and Dad leafing through newspapers. "What are you doing?" I asked.

"Trying to find a job," was the sub-conscience reply from Dad. I couldn't help but giggle slightly. My Dad? Get a job? He must be having me on!

"You're having a laugh!" I said. He looked at me seriously. "You're not, are you?".

"No, he isn't," said Mum, "And nor am I. Now go and get ready for school. You don't want to be late again, do you?"

"Yes Mum, I mean no Mum!" I muttered. I'd already had my fill of da ja vu, and was keen to avoid any more. When I got to school, I was immediately joined by my best friend Lotta Drew. We were talking happily until I was confronted by Vanessa Stern and her entourage of giggle-pill addicts. She had an ugly black bruise on her left cheek, made even uglier by the make-up she had used to try and cover it up. Then she spoke, "My Daddy says that if you don't leave me alone, he'll shorten your time to 2 weeks!". She was so triumphant and malicious, that I was tempted to punch her again. But now, she was officially untouchable. Knowing Vanessa, she'll probably make up some cock and bull story about me to her father. So now, I would have to surrender and stay well out of her way.  


Houston, we have a problem.


The End

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