Kenyatta Uncovered

Ok, incase you're wondering, my name is Kenyatta Wanaka. Don't be fooled by my first name's East African origin, my parents just liked it. Actually I'm English with a hint of Romanian and a sprinkling of Maori. That makes me a curly black haired, tall, slim girl. I love to sing and play the guitar. People often say I'm intelligent. But that doesn't stop perfect looking Vanessa Stern mocking me. But why get myself worked up about some stupid girl's comments. I have far more important things to worry about. Dad's ensured that.


I'm running. Running with extreme urgency. Lets just say this mornings discovery distracted me. I now have a whopping 2 minutes on a 5 minute route to get to school. Great. Glancing at my watch, I realise I'll get there on time as long as nothing bad-ARRGGHH! Ugh! My darn shoes won't stay done up for more than 5 seconds! With a fresh face-plant, I sprint into school, hastily make my way to my classroom and slide into my seat. Thank goodness Mrs Brontley isn't looking, I breathed. But of course, Vanessa the snitch had to stick her hand up and say, "Mrs Brontley, Kenyatta's late!". I shot her a look so icy, I half expected her to freeze up. But no. Her malicious blue eyes gazed back, a sickly sweet, triumphant smile broad across her face. "Kenyatta Wanaka, detention!" said Mrs Brontley. Great, my day was going really well, wasn't it?

3:30. I'm sitting in an empty classroom with Mr Thompkins watching over me. Not only was I late, but I 'abused' a classmate. Let me recap: At lunch Vanessa was giggling about how my Dad couldn't tell the difference between a cow and a bull. I was so sick of her that I got up and gave her a piece of my mind. But she went too far when she said, "What are you gonna do to me? You're just an idiotic freak with no fashion sense. So come on then, call me a bad word! Oh, but you're so stupid, you'd probably call me just that: Bad Word!". I didn't call her a bad word. I punched her squarely in the face. I obviously didn't punch her hard enough, as she was still perfectly capable of screaming like a maniac. But I had my moment of triumph, as she had definitely not seen my fist coming. So now I'm in disgrace, but it was definitely worth it.

The End

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