Under the Influence

When a drunk father loses all the families money through gambling, Kenyatta's life is ripped apart. What happens next? You decide!

Words. It never fails to amaze me what words can do. Unfortunately for me, the only words I ever hear are angry or secretive. The angry ones are heard at full volume, bouncing off the walls and shattering all hope of peace. The secretive ones pass lips fixed into a false smile and created by a tired tongue through gritted teeth. It's tired from shouting. From having to propel angry words. Thats when we find ourselves back to the start. At this point, I ask myself, why? Why me? Why does my family have to be the dysfunctional, argumentative type? Sometimes I just wish I could flick a switch and go back in time, to when life was much simpler. Before the fighting. Before the secrets. Before Dad went and lost all our money at that  casino.


The End

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