Hope for survival

At 4:30 am, there were guns going off every where and grenades exploding all over the place. As I stayed in my little trench and shot at soldiers running past, I just hoped that it got them but yet noone would shoot back and injure me. There were people lying every where on the ground dieing or wounded and some were just running away in shock. Soldiers that hadnt seen this traumer really just didnt know what they were in for. About 30 people in my crew had passed away so far, with a dreadful and slow death. I feel for them and will maun them every day for the remainder of my life. I always did want to go to war, but being here just really showed me how much I loved and missed my home and family. I just wanted it to end. Every night as i lay in the hard cold, bed i thought to myself, just 3 months till I can see my lovely family again, just 3 more months... 

The End

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