letters to home

Every month we got letters from home, sent by our family and friends. This was my favourite part of war, as it was our only chance to communicate with the real world. I had three kids and a beautiful wife back at home which always sent me goodies and letters. My youngest, Jack, always made me little aeroplanes with his name and raindrops on them to remind me of back at home when we used to fly them out in the rain. My eldest, Andrew, usually sent me a parcel of anzac biscuits he hade baked himself and then my other son, Jamie, draws pictures of him and I playing blocks back at home together. I cherished this moment to myself every month and wished I could be back home sitting in front of the fire cuddling into my kids, but I know i just can't. I no im doing this for a good reason and couldnt stand the thought of not seeing them again. Us soldiers also each got to send a letter back home. I never new how to write my letters as I just couldnt put this experience into words. I just hope my wife understands the stress im in right now enough to appreciate this letter.

To my darling wife Mary

I thought the war was nearly over, but its really only just began.I cant wait till the day that the war finishes when I can be home with my beautiful children and my loving wife. I promice you all, I will return home safely and as soon as possible. I thank god that you are all safe back home and dont have the pain of what i am going through right now. I want you to know that no matter what happens to me, i will always love you! Give the boys my love, and please let them know that their daddy loves them so, so much and will see there smiling faces very soon.

          Love you lots,       


A tear fell from my eyes as i signed it and placed it in the envolope. I started to imagine my life, if I hadnt gone to fight this war. All I wanted was peace for my country so that my family would be safe at last. I will never forget the day that I Thomas J. Mitchells signed up for this war...                                                                                                





The End

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