Under the gun!


It was 1914 and us men had said our goodbyes to our loved ones, not knowing wether we had any chance of surviving and seeing our family's again. The world war one had just began in Gallipoli. The fear from all the soldiers had finally started to show. It was a foggy and rainy morning, and i was cold wet and hungry. We had been digging trenches and making walls to hide behind since we arrived. It was getting harder for us every second of the day as the trenches were filling up with water, sticks and mud from the heavy rain. It was a week into it and the nurses were already loaded with plenty of wounded,injured or sick soldiers. Every one of the soldies were covered with cuts, and bruises and scars, including me. We had been digging for days and our muscles were aching. It so was hard seeing all the dead soldiers around me as i run past or even jumped over their decating bodies. I was just hoping that it wouldnt be me laying there as I want to be able to see my beautiful sons and wife again. I will be so glad when we get a break from this and get a chance to enjoy the parcels from home, and get to send a letter back to tell them just how much I love them.

The End

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