The Night Wolf

The other people nearby had decided it was time to leave, too scared to stick it out. Let them do what they wanted. I would stay out here. I lived in this town too, I deserved to be out here just as much as the wolves did. I would leave them alone. They would leave me alone. I hope. Fear rose in my gut, rising the hairs on the back of my neck as I heard another shuffle nearby. This one came from behind me, and it didn't sound like a blundering idiot out for a rebellious midnight walk. 

I stiffened, trying not to squash my fear down. Don't look. Just don't look at it, everything will be fine. I had been told, wolves were huge for dominance games, and looking one in the eye, for just a few seconds, could bring real trouble down on your head. I pulled my hood tighter down over my face, pulling my scarf up, until it covered up to my eyes. I tried to move slowly. 

I was thinking that maybe it had gone, when I heard another rustle. A lone crisp packet floated by. It had come from behind me, and there was no wind tonight. I heard the click of claws on concrete, and I couldn't stop my heart from hammering away, threatening to burst out of my chest. This was a bad idea. I should have just stayed in. No. That's not right. I should be allowed to be here. 

I stayed sitting, waiting to see what would happen. It would be useless to try to run now. It was too late. If I ran, the wolf might see me as prey. I didn't know how much human intelligence the Night Wolves retained. I flinched as something brushed past my leg. It was a nice night, and so I was wearing shorts. It was furry.

I shut my eyes, almost wishing myself to be in another place. When I opened them again, I struggled not to leap backwards with fear. I was shaking now, sweating, everything in me telling me to run. The wolf was sitting on the floor, not more than metres away from me, watching me.

It was beautiful, in a scary way. It was much large than your average run of the mill wolf, paws bigger than my head I thought. It's fur was silver, fading to black on the paws, ears and muzzle. It's eyes were a piercing blue, almost white. It didn't move, didn't make a sound, just watched me. 

It moved closer, and I was frozen to the spot. If I moved now, it might just try to kill me. It sniffed me, it's nose inches from my face. This was bad. Would it recognise my scent when it was in human form? I could get in real trouble for this. It stepped back, turned towards the bushes behind me, and started to walk away, looking back once before disappearing through the bushes. 

I sighed with relief, sweat making my palms clammy. My face was boiling, I pulled the scarf down to below my nose, sucking in shallow breaths. I stayed there for, I don't know how long. I didn't want to move. It might be waiting for me, it might not be gone. After a while, I mentally slapped myself. I had to go home. If it didn't attack me then, it wasn't going to, right? 

I walked home briskly, fingers fumbling clumsily with the key to the lock. I let myself in with a deep breath, tip toeing. It wouldn't do to have my parents know I had been out. Hopefully they had never known I was gone. I padded upstairs to my bedroom without a sound. I took off my coats and scarf, dumping them in the closet. 

I paced over to the window to shut the curtains, still shaking with nerves. I stopped, frozen to the spot. I narrowed my eyes, trying to see more clearly. Was that a wolf? Across the road, I could swear I could see something in the bushes. I leaned out of the window slightly, trying to get a better look, but with a quick flash of ice blue eyes, it was gone.

I shut the windows and curtains with a shudder. This could not be good. Hopefully it was just my fear racked brain overworking. I was seeing things. Maybe. 

The End

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