Under the Full Moon

    Oh, to spend every night under the protective glow of the full moon... I sighed, feeling perfectly content. Far away, a melancholy howl cut through the silence, and I drew the hood of my coat over my head--rule one of the full moon was to never allow yourself to be recognized.

    The second rule, of course, was to stay inside on the night of the full moon, but rules were meant to be broken. Besides, I held no fear within me--wolves were wolves. Nothing more, nothing less. Day-wolves were peaceful enough, given that you didn't agitate them. I would never understand society's paranoid fear of night-wolves... Why should they be any different?

    And besides, I thought, swatting at a curious moth fluttering around my face; If we should be afraid when they are wolves, why not when they are human as well? They were no rules for the daylight hours, or even the nights when the moon was not full. I snickered at the pure incompetence of society in general, and its complete lack of any sort of logic. But all of that aside... "Rules were meant to be broken," I insisted, allowing my thoughts to pierce the world outside of my own mind for once.

    The howl repeated, this time closer. I felt a stab of fear in my stomach, but didn't move. If I were to leave, I'd be no brighter than any other human in this god-forsaken world. I liked to think that I was at least a bit intelligent, if not enough to be classified as "smart." So I stood my ground, relaxing under the humid September air. The wolves could enjoy themselves without disturbing me.

    Though in spite of it all, I could still hear the nervous shuffling of a few other nearby rule-breakers. I heard a defeated murmur of, "We should get out of here..." somewhere to my left. Idiots. They could do whatever they wanted, but I would stay out in the moon. Wolves didn't scare me.

The End

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