The FallMature


So it turned out, feeling wasn't all it was made out to be.

But it was a new sensation.

Everything was new, and everything was painful. The cold that made the hair on her body stand rigid. The frozen soil against her face. The sharp burn of winter on her nostrils. As she noted these sensations, she broke out shivering. It roused her to attempt to prop herself up, but as she did, she cried out in pain and moved to clutch her chest. Panting from the exertion, she rolled onto her back, and stared pleadingly at the vast white sky.

The physical adjustment was excruciating enough, but the mental one was far worse. New depths swirled within her, and she felt so hollow and confused and emotional. It was a turbulent mix, and it tore through her empty heart until sobs mixed with her shakes. She panted in the crisp air, and after the eternal content of the Kingdom each breath was a bite of terrible reality. There, under Father's gaze, you were content and you could always feel each others presence comforting you. The others...she basked in that memory for a moment, distracted. Her brothers and sisters...her brother!

She had never tried speaking before, and if it hurt as much as breathing, it wouldn't be worth it. Instead, she pushed her way off the ground, squirming and writhing, to a point where she could stand up. Her mind was malleable at this moment, and as it drifted between states, she remembered eavesdropping from Above on mortals reading aloud to other mortals. The Little Mermaid was a tale that had intrigued her, and she remembered one line that had threatened to break her heart.

When you walk, it will feel like you're walking on broken glass”.

Above, the others had sensed her distress at the line and swooped upon her, coddling and reassuring her. But here she was alone, and she stood up tentativley. It didn't hurt quite as she had imagined, though in fact neither knew what either walking or broken glass felt like. But it did put pressure on her, and being aware and balanced and blinking in the harsh, bright daylight was taxing on her. In haste, she fufilled her objective of standing up: locating her brother. Uttering a note of need in a clear voice, she called to her brother.

From the moment it was said, he was there, and he'd been behind her all along. They stared hard at each other, understanding completely but no longer connected. He didn't need to say a word as his sad, dark eyes swept over the ground she had lay on just before, and as soon as her eyes fixed on it, she wailed. Hysterical and bawling, (another new sensation) she sunk to the earth and pawed at the broken pieces on the ground. The crystal shards of her broken halo sliced her pristine finger pads. Blood and tears mixed as she held her face, her eyes wide with naïve in horrendous sadness. Spasming, uncontrollable, hopeless and lost. She had no experience or control of emotions, and to look upon her was to feel as if you were looking upon an infant, alone and abandoned. It was a terrible sight.

He moved towards her, shying away for a moment, but then enveloping her in his arms. She took to them gratefully, hugging him close, but not close enough. They would still forever be trapped in the prison of their minds, for the rest of their eternities. In a bout of need, she went forwards and kissed him. At least, touching, holding each other, they could be as close as it was ever going to get. For, after the fall, there would be no open honesty of exposed minds. No intimacy of mingling souls. Only learning, and coping, and living from now on.

There was no escape from reality on earth.

The End

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