Bad DayMature

Okay, so it wasn't exactly the same face as the one in my dream, but still, it was emotionless and deadly. The type of face you would see in a horror film and think "Holy crap! I'm gonna shit myself!". 

The vile, treacherous face that was: my physics teacher.

Standing in my bathroom? No, nothing pervy like that. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but it's too early in the story for me to have a near death encounter with a flesh eating psychopath yet, but bear with.

Today I had a test on speed, and yep, you guessed it, I was going to fail. Nothing new there. Except maybe the fact that my parents will ground me if I screw another one up again. 

Oh yeah, a note to all readers who are of a slightly horny disposition: it was the test I was referring to screw. Not the teacher (who for the record is about eighty and has nose hair longer than his actual hair- not really my type).

Chucking the towel on the floor, I marched into my bedroom in a panic to dress myself whilst trying to revise (I'm a woman! I can multi-task!).

My untamed gingery-blonde afro would have to wait.


Okay, bad idea.

You see, if I had an ounce of common sense, I would have at least brushed my hair and took longer to get ready for school and left the revision for the bus.

But, I didn't.

So an excruciating thirty five minutes droned past like a slug on sleeping pills in which I desperately tried to, metaphorically speaking, drill "distance equals speed over time" in my head, meanwhile blocking out the sneers of my fellow school/bus mates shouting out "Duracel" and "copper pubes". ( I'm pretty sure I heard one of them singing a song from the film "Saturday Night Fever" as well, although I assure you my afro was not that large).



Double fail.

Boy, my parents are gonna be REAL pissed. 

Not only did I cock up my equation and thus the rest of my test, but I also missed the bus home. 

Which means I have no choice but to walk for an hour through a cold field with a suspiciously light school bag underneath a sky which you don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that it's going to piss down in a minute. Thank god my parents' phones are switched off because now isn't the ideal time to be yelled at. 

Trudging through the long, wet field, I grumbled to myself over how I couldn't remember the name of the guy who sang the song that went "Because you had a bad day" which was stuck in my head. Oh, and I was also grumbling over what a sham my life is.

Stifling a sigh, I looked up, took another step, and- 


Everywhere. Just like my dream.

In my hair, up my bum, over my clothes, and my schoolbag. 

I sloshed out of the ice cold stream. 

Where the hell it came from, I doubt I'll know, but boy, oh boy, I was not happy.

Today was possibly one of the worst days ever, and it didn't look like it was going to get any better either.

Especially when there is an angry looking man stood dead still in the middle of the field glaring like he is going to get out an axe at any minute.

The End

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