Fish and chips

So we have a new friend now, Chips, one of them chicken thingy’s. I had not seen one before. He didn’t quite look like I thought he would.

Said that he would taste real good too, but I cant imagine it not with all those feathers. They would make you cough and choke.

‘Ugh’ disgusting I think.

None of us were really brave enough to even try and bite him. I think were all a little too soft in the head to even think about were we would begin.

Even big scary looking Max. he’s worn out poor fellow, although he won’t show it. But then he must be getting on a bit I reckon. I knew he was trying his best to keep up, acting all top dog, shouting out orders in front of Daisy.

So here we are, all sat around, here with the chicken called Chips. Wondering what to do or where to go next.

We’re all really starving with hunger in our bellies, as we sit and listen to Chips telling us the biggest porky pie of all.

I mean who ever heard of a chicken that could fly. But ‘everyone knows that chickens cant fly’ or at least that is what Sprock said.


‘And, and’ Chips was talking hurriedly trying to get his story out.

‘and, as I flew on down over the river, the wind beneath my wings. I felt on top of…’

‘what did you just say?’ Max asked butting his nose in.

‘the wind beneath my wings, I er felt…..’ Chips said scratching his claw on his breast.

‘no, you said river.’ Max stood up, his four stocky legs and imposing demeanour blocking out Chips view. ‘ River, Where?’ said Max.

And we all stood up. Here we go again I thought as I looked over at

Daisy. I’m sure she is thinking of Water = bath.

‘Why?’ Chips asked. ‘Why?’ again he said.

‘Why?’ Max growled. ‘Why, because we all could do with a drink, that’s Why Chips’ Max was not feeling his best, and the others knew it. They could sense it.

‘Now show us the way Chips’ Max ordered, looking at Chips sternly.

‘Er, W h y?’ Chips stammered, bowing his head down from Max, thinking he really was going to be his dinner in a minute if he didn’t shut up. But Chips just couldn’t help it.

‘Max, calm down now’ it was Daisy as she went over to chips, her nose turning up sniffing his feathers.

‘Now be a good chicken and just point us in the direction and we will be on our way’ she said trying to soothe the chicken with kinder words.

Chips turned around, looking east. Thinking.

‘That way’ he said.

‘er.. No’ and he turned around again to face the opposite direction.

‘Maybe that way’ he looked confused as he looked at each of the faces in front of him, all ready to get moving.

‘er, I don’t remember’ he said meekly. ‘and I don’t know why?’ and he tucked his head under his wing asking himself ‘why’ over and over again.

‘It can’t be far’ Sprock said stepping in. ’I can almost smell water’

‘Hmm, its in the air’ I said.

‘lead us the way then, young Ralph’ Sprock said.

And with that Ralph sniffed the air, and then broke out into a run.

‘Wait for me’ cried Chips, not suddenly wanting to be left alone even if they had intended on eating him. It was going to be dark real soon and he didn’t fancy the prospect of them Mr Fox finding him. Or else he really would be supper.

His little legs, going as fast as he could, not catching up, but keeping them in eye sight.

Sprock slowed down a little as he thought it wasn’t fair to leave him behind, and the others then fell into his step.

They came to brook, just a field away. Not very deep, a big rocky but enough so they could drink and soothe their throats.

Daisy and Ralph got there first and were playing splash in the water as max and Sprock jogged up, with Chips just trailing behind.

If you’ve ever seen a chicken run, it’s a funny sight to see.

The three of them stood drinking, filling their boots up, when Sprock said. ‘Lets see if we can catch one of them Fish things.’

‘Why’ Chips said almost imeditalty, but the glares from the others soon stopped him asking again.

‘Fish? Ralph and Daisy asked both together, stopping fooling around.

‘There aren’t any Fish here Sprock’ said Daisy inspecting the water looking for movement. But there wasn’t any.

‘Downstream, to were the water is deeper’ and Sprock turned and started walking through the water. His shaggy hair getting wet.

‘Come on, if you want dinner that is’ he added.

‘W’ Chips opened his beak to speak.

‘Chips’ they all chorused. And they shook their heads at him following Sprock.

The water soon got a bit deeper, it was up to Sprock knees by now so he trotted along on the side of the bank, which got deeper as the further down they went.

Chips who had been walking along the bank the whole time kept himself quiet, although it was a hard task for him to do. He had to stop himself asking questions about the fish, as he has so many rolling around in his tiny head. Wondering just what a fish was?

‘Here look’ and Ralph jumped as the fish slithered past him out from under a rock and into another.

‘Gave me the fright of my life, that did’ he laughed, running out of the water.

‘yes look’ said Daisy. ‘There’s more’ she added moving away to the bank, not sure what to make of these quick slick creatures that swam in water.

‘Right, quick, gather round’ Max ordered.

‘Sprock knows just what to do’ he said as they all sat down and looked at Sprock waiting for the briefing.

‘Erhm, yes well’ Sprock said clearing his throat and putting on his best masterful voice.

‘Right, well, we need to trap the fish, er like catch them when they aren’t looking, and er….’ Sprock didn’t know how to catch them.

‘Er, yes Sprock’, Max said stepping in. Moving in to limelight again.

‘Think probably the best way is to just hook them with your paw.’ and he looked around proudly, talking in a quieter voice just in case the fish could hear him.

‘Yes that’s it,’ he thought we stand still like statues and then knock the little fellows out, one swoop and dinner is served.

How easy did that sound’ said Daisy as she pounded back into the water behind Ralph. Sprock, Max and chips stood on the bank watching.

‘Er we’ll just watch first’ said Max sitting down, feeling rather tired, as he didn’t fancy more running around, especially chasing fish.

Chips fought back the words, so buried his head underneath his wing and talked quietly to himself. Letting the words escape him that way.

Ralph took a swipe, it wasn’t easy he thought. As he stood still watching Daisy as she set about to work.

The Daisy did it, giving a bark, as she tried to pick the fish up by her teeth.

‘Its smells’ She said turning her nose up. The fish still knocked out.

Ralph jumping over to her kicking up the water playfully splashing her, getting her even more wet.

‘careful now, we don’t want to loose our dinner now we have just caught it’ She smiled at Ralph, the idea of picking the wet fish up, not appealing to her at all, let alone eat it.

Ralph picked it up, and took it over to the bank, dropping it at Sprock’s paws. Then set back into the water to help daisy who had just netted her net catch.

Chips came out of his hiding place and watched as Sprock and max carefully tore the fish apart. Offering a small piece to Chips, who turned his nose up at the cold pink flesh.

They feasted on five fish, Daisy feeling really proud with herself. Ralph feeling part of the team, now all they needed to do was find a bed for the night. As they were just about to set back up the way they came to head for those building that they had seen on the horizon when Ralph teased Chips about the fish, no really knowing what it was that he was saying. But the group all laughed all the same.

‘Chips doesn’t like the look of fish’.

The End

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