Chasing the blues away.

Here is a stilly little poem which came to me  one afternoon while watching my dog , watching a Butterfly. I did not name our dog  She came to us with the  given  name,  "Chi-Chi" , I wanted to call her  "Bullbas" short for Pitbull and Basette hound.... Chi Chi  happened to be  laying on the deck of the pool, on her side , her short hound legs stretched outward,  And her square like pitfull head tilted upwards ,  A Butterfly floated by, and for some strange reason, this Butterfly amused Chi Chi,.  I know she was amused by the way she cocked her head , tilting it up and down back and forth , and her tail  lip a whip. Making sharpshort thudding noises  on  the wooden deck..    I gave her voice and this is what I believe she would have said in that moment , while watching this delicate Butterfly....

Dogs Eye View

The Buttferly blew  away

Riding a candy Mojo wrapper

Now living on a moonbeam

Conducting a choir  of song

 Sung by a bunch of Sprites

With names like "Stardust and Misty"

She built her case on a whim-

laughed the dog chomping on a bone

The End

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