I'm Chips the chicken. The farmers daughter named me that. I'm small and all fluffy and as daft as I am mad.

I came from the farm, down by the river, and lived in the barn with all my ten brothers and sisters. I was the youngest and the most cheekiest. I liked to play pranks. Even though my mother would scold and tell me off.

She'd shout at me and say. 'Chips, your a chicken, stop being a nuisance or that farmer man will come in here one day and take you away'. She loved it really, my little playful streak, and at the end of the day she would tend to my feathers and preen them, making me look real neat.

I was playing a prank on that day that the sky fell down. We all ran for shelter into the coup, as we started to get wet. But I didn’t want to spend all day stuck inside there with all those smelly dirty feet.

So I ran off and hid in a big box full of eggs. I waited for it to stop, but it just kept coming down. I must have fallen asleep, as when I woke up, I thought I was having one of them dream things. As I was flying through the air. Going round and round with a hundred other things.

I saw a cow in there too, trying to have a go, but he didn’t have wings. So I thought I must be dreaming or imagining things.

So I flapped me clipped wings as hard as I could and flew as fast as I could on the high wind.

I landed right here and I couldn’t do it again. I ran and jumped off the hill, but all I got was a bruise. And then I cried for my mother and wished I could dream like that again. To take me right back, and I promise I will never fool around again.

The End

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