chicken dinners yum yum

‘MY stomach is getting the better of me today’ Crumbles Ralph looking out over the fields below. Thinking out loud again as his stomach moaned and grumbled to itself reminding him that it had gone past dinner hours ago.

He was thinking of his Mom and dad, how he knew when it was dinner time when they open his cupboard. How he’d love to have one of them right tasty Ham bones now.

He hadn’t meant to run so far from home, the day of the sky fell down. But he somehow got caught up in the wind and all the wet stuff and lost his way.

Lucky that these guys found him or was it? He thought.

I mean they seem ok, a bit rough round the edges. They smell worse than they look too, but nothing a good bath and comb out wouldn’t cure. Daisy is about my age, although she looks tired and thin, its her I feel sorry for the most. She should have a family to love her, look after her and treat her well, just like I did.

I wonder if I will find my family again?

“Right’ says Max. ‘I’m starving, I could eat a horse even though I’m not sure just what a horse looks like’ he barked. Taking charge again I thought. He’s defiantly the boss here and the oldest I reckon, as he barks his orders to go find them some dinner. The others just follow.

I lag behind, really still too shocked and feeling quite sorry for myself after the days events. I’m lost. I cry quietly to myself.

Daisy stalls to fall into step with me, not saying anything but I can tell she is waiting for me to talk. So I tell her what happened right up until the bit when I fell asleep as the sky was falling down.

‘oh no you poor thing’ she says, giving me a look. Knowing in her heart that I maybe with them for a while but not wanting to say anything. She could feel my sadness, see it as my ears were down.

‘There look’ Sprock shouts. And we all look in the direction that Sprock is poised.

‘what is it?’ Max barks.

‘A cat?’ Ralph and I book chime together and laugh.

‘No, its dinner’ Sprock shouts. ‘One of them chicken things’. He adds licking his lips.

Suddenly we are all very hungry. But how do we get it. It must have been let loose in the hurricane as its all alone now, with no safety net.

‘RUN’ Screams max, barking like crazy, as we all break into a run, after the chicken.

It hears us coming and goes into a frenzy, squawking and shrieking as we run rings around it.

‘Leave me alone, leave me alone’ It screams.

‘Get it Ralph”’ Max barks orders at him. Not quite brave enough to do it him self.

Such a funny sight to see as well, the fours dogs running and jumping around this lone frightened chicken not really sure what to do with it. s ‘Leave me alone, DON’T EAT ME, I DON’T TASTE GOOD’. The chicken still squawks.

Or how to get it, all except Sprock who has been a street dog for the longest.

‘You got to grab it by it’s neck Ralph’ Sprock shouts, his tongue lolling out of his mouth as his little short legs run, working far too hard trying to keep up with the two younger dogs.

Then Max stops suddenly and lies down, sprawled out, gasping for air and a drink.

“I’m not as fit as I used to be’ He pants and with that we all stop. Including the chicken. Collapsing in a heap, panting for breathe, even the chicken who ruffles his feathers and tucks his head under his wing, crying his heart out.

‘Looks like we are going to have to find dinner elsewhere tonight then’ Ralph says panting still.

‘aye and the chicken will be feast with us’ laughs Max.

As they sit around catching their breathes back not really knowing where or when they will get dinner.

The End

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