Daisy the Golden Retriever

I couldn't believe it when we found him, all curled up tightly like a ball. His head tucked out of sight.

'He's corked it' said Sprock.

 ‘No’ Max ordered. ‘The poor little fellows escaped from the hurricane and scared himself silly’. And Max the Pit Bull gave him a nudge with his cold wet nose. ‘

See, I saw him breathe’ I said. ‘Aw bless him’ I added as Max nudged him again, stirring Ralph as he did so.

Picking his head up and seeing the three dishelmed heads looking at him, surprised Ralph. Picking himself up and shaking his coat free of all the dust and debris, his coat still partly wet and slightly matted. He didn’t look his usual proud self.

‘What's a fine specimen you are, all alone out here in the wilds, far from anywhere called home’ Max howled. ‘Yes, you look to well fed to be out here all by yourself’ I said.

 “Are you lost fellow?” Sprock added. Asking the question that we had all been thinking.

Ralph stood tall, a German Shepherd he was, and proud with it too. He had a excellent nose, a brilliant tracker dog but he couldn’t smell home at all. He couldn’t smell much of anything at the moment, except chaos and destruction blowing in from far and wide. The wind slowly calming down.

‘Well I will do the honours then’ I smiled at Ralph.

 'I’m Daisy, pleased to meet you’ and I nudged old crumpy boots Max. Giving him a watchful eye, a meaningful stare.

 ‘Oh yes, sorry,’ Max glared back at me ‘ I’m Max, all the same’. And we both looked at Sprock who was poking his nose around under the bridge. Thinking of his stomach again no doubt. The shaggy homeless mutt with a heart of gold, who would eat everything and anything.

‘Sprock’ Max and I barked. And he picked up his head.

 ‘oh sorry’. ‘yes, that’s my name Sprock the shaggy mutt’. and he nodded his scraggly head.

We loved him so much Sprock, he could sniff out a bit of old crust anywhere, and we never went hungry for long.

I was so grateful when they found me. Abandoned I was. My owners moved, and they didn’t take me. Left me in a box with my bed and a few tins of chum that they had left. It hurt so much, when they didn’t come and get me. But then I could hear it raining, feeling it pounding on the lid of the cardboard box. I soon got out once it went all mushy, but took me a while though. And what good is a few tins of chum if I can’t open them?

That’s when I went sniffing into town, and the scary man from the meat shop threw hot water at me and chased me away. And it wasn’t even my bath time. After walking and sniffing around for a day or so. So hungry I came across these two old dogs.

Max, who is Pit Bull, who looks mean but his bark is far worse than his bite. As his teeth don’t look that good. And Sprock the shaggy mutt who I think is a bit continental. They took me under their coats and showed me the ropes. How to search out dinner, and some that aint half bad too. Were to avoid, and what to do if we saw that man in the black van, that takes dogs home to eat them. If your lucky you’ll escape, just like Max did once. You just make sure you never get caught that’s all.

Then this morning when I was sleeping the sky opened up, and the water started pouring down. It woke us all up. But there was something else. Sprock said so enough, a feeling in the air, as the wind started blowing. So we decided to head out away from town, find a nice quiet place, a barn maybe. As Max had said once that a fox had told him about them birds that taste quite good. But they keep them in wire boxes. Nice once you get all the feathers off. 

All really I was thinking I could do with a bath, as me golden coat isn’t what it used to be. All matted and knots now.

That’s how it goes when you have only dogs as your best friends.

The End

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