Max the Pit Bull

Watching this young Ralph, lucky fellow he is too. He has youth and bounce on his side. No aching bones, or teeth falling out. I’m fairly old now and I just haven’t got that playful spring in my step.

‘Lost my fight’ as Sprock said.

I used to be top dog, one of the best. I was part of a gang, with my leader, my master.

He was leader of the gang also, although looking back now I don’t really think it was anything to be proud of. I don’t actually know what he did, just scare people into giving him things I think.

He had a nifty leg hook and was quick on the draw.

I was his protection, to make him look the part. Making our presence felt wherever we went.

I would growl and show my teeth, and leapt to the defence of my master many a time.

But that last time, I couldn’t.

That man with all the chains and collars he fired his bang bang at me, quick on the draw he was too, as he then did the same to my master.

I ran as best I could, to chase him away, but by the time I got back it was too late.

My master was laying in a pool of his blood. Out cold, could be dead, or just sleeping.

I sat by his side, still protecting him, crying quietly as my own shoulder was piercing with pain. Every now and then I could feel myself drift off, but I fought back the sleep to stay awake and keep watch. I nudged him and licked his hand but still he didn’t move.

That’s when they came. The men with the big scary dogs. I tried to bark and show my teeth but I was far too week.

The man with the S.W.A.T team put a stab in my neck, before I could turn my head and I went to sleep.

I woke up sometime later all wrapped up in cloth, pain in my shoulder so I stayed in there bed. The first time I didn’t have to sleep on the floor so I made the most of it, as they brought me clean water and fresh food everyday till I grew stronger and better and could walk again.

Then one day I escaped, lucky that I did I’m not sure anymore.

I lived rough on the streets, picking fights here and there, till one day in a fight my shoulder winced and the pain came searing back. Reminding me of that time when I couldn’t even walk. I didn’t want that so I backed right down, all for the sake of being the top dog in town.

So I ran from the city, and that’s when I met Sprock. I was going to fight him for some dinner in the trash cans. But he made me change my ways.

From that day all those years ago a great friendship was formed. We did no harm just looked after each other, watched our backs and kept our heads down outta trouble. Made sure we had some thing to eat and some where dry to sleep. And then one day last year we stumbled upon Daisy. Since then we haven’t looked back, as we are best of friends and family to each other.

The End

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