Under the Bridge

My name is Ralph, I'm a German Shepherd, and I'm afraid of the sky.

Yesterday the sky started banging and flashing and watering, like it often does. But this time was different... this was TERRIFYING! The air was blowing with so much force... it could tear the house apart! The windows and doors were rattling, and poor little Sylvia was crying and hiding in the bathtub. Mom and Dad were rushing around the house grabbing things. They took the new baby and went outside. Why?! Why would they go outside? It's only worse there!

They came back in, and I was so happy to see them! I thought surely they were gone for good when they stepped out of the door. But they didn't have the baby... They must have lost him out there... They shouldn't have taken him out there in the first place.

But you know what they did next? They took Sylvia out there too! She didn't want to go, I knew it, why didn't they? They dragged her out the door, and then Dad came to get me. I didn't want to go! It was so frightening out there! He tried for a long time but I kept running away from him. I went to the bathtub where Sylvia had been, and he followed me there. 

I was starting to think maybe it would be better to go with him... after all, he survived the first time he went outside. Maybe he can protect me. But just then, a window shattered in the living room, and I heard  the car honking outside. Dad grabbed me and it surprised me so much, I sort of bit his hand and scrambled my way out of his arms. Then he ran out of the door, and he didn't come back. None of them came back.

I stayed in the tub and the sky got meaner and meaner... Two more windows in the house broke, and I could hear the roof moving... I knew it would come off soon! Then the scariest thing of all happened... a tree branch burst through the bathroom window, right over my head! I ran as fast as I could out of the house, even though I knew the sky was out there. It was even worse than I imagined, and my family was nowhere. I just kept running and running, trying to get away from the sky. Finally I found a warm little cranny here under this bridge, and I crawled in and fell asleep. 

When I woke up, I found you guys all sniffing me.

The End

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