Under a spell

Chapter Four

Under a spell


            In its evil spell, the voice had also fast-forwarded time. It was now midnight and Kassie’s small 12 year old form walked slowly down the hallway, the long golden sword dragging on the ground.  Her eyes shut, she dragged one foot in front of the other, as if they were attached to strings and the puppeteer guided her limp form closer to the large wooden doors where grandma slept.

            She opened the door, the vision of grandma sleeping peacefully illuminated in the soft moonlight. 

            Slowly she made her way to the bed, the heavy sword making a thin line on the carpet as she made her way, closer and closer.  Her limp form standing over Grandma’s sleeping form. 

            The puppeteer raised one of the “strings” lifting the arm with the sword, ready to slice.

            “Kassie?”  Grandma sat up in bed, she had sensed something in her dreams, something wasn’t right.  Kassie stood above her, now frozen with Grandma’s conscience presence.  This was unexpected. 

            “Kassie honey… what are you doing??”  She sat up, ducking as her granddaughter raised her limp arm and swung a large golden sword.

            Grandma knew what was happening.  She had known all along that this might happen.  It was time to tell the truth.

            With a flick of her finger, grandma waved away the evil spell that taken over Kassie, instantly the strings were released and her granddaughter fell to the floor. 


            Someone was slapping her.  Kassie reached up an arm to swat them away.  A far away voice called frantically out to her. 

            She shot her eyes open, Grandma’s face smiled down at her. 

            “Grandma?”  Kassie sat up, finding her self wrapped tightly in Grandma’s arms. 

            “Oh Kassie…I’m so sorry, I should have known HE would try and do this soon.”  A tear escaped her eye, she took a deep breath. “ I need to explain something to you but you must promise not to be afraid.”

            Kassie shook her head, fully awake now.  She was safe now, something told her the voice would not come around when grandma was here.

            “What happened?” She asked, her throat strangely raw.  It hurt to take in a breath, the light from the small lamp on Grandma’s nightstand shined down on her like direct sun light.  Then she remembered the voice, the spinning room, her disappearing feet and sudden deep sleep.  She looked down, catching a sudden glimpse of the long heavy sword that had once been gripped by her own hand. 

            It was real.  The voice, the sword, everything was real.  She coughed, a tear suddenly escaping her eye, it really happened.

            Grandma took her in her arms, making soft shushing sounds as she held onto her one and only granddaughter.

            “I suppose it’s time you knew the truth Kassie.”  She sighed, as if the words had used up all of her energy to let them escape from her lips. 

            Kassie sat up at this revelation, wide-awake now; she took a deep breath and waited for grandma to continue.

            Grandma stood up, taking Kassie’s arm and guiding her to the bed.  She smiled, reached into her nightshirt and pulled out a gold medallion.

            “This is my one and only link to my old world.”  She paused, letting her fingers trace the intricate design, encrusted with diamonds and sapphires, its brilliance reflected in the soft tranquil glow in her eyes. “ I have never taken this off, I always keep it close to my heart.  I want you to know that you mean the world to me, you and this necklace are the only two things I have left of my old world.”

            Kassie stared intently at the shiny object grandma held gently up to the light; her heart was racing yet she was strangely calm.

The End

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