Under The Bed- Secret Portal

Kassie Peterson had no idea what was about to happen to her. Who would have thought an evil sorcerer would contact her during her least favorite class? She soon learned that the one woman who raised her since she was too young to remember her parents; her grandmother, is actually a queen of a distant world. Years ago, the evil sorcerer- Schlem, had cast out her grandmother and took over her world. Before her grandmother can help Kassie and explain more- she is tricked by Schlem and turns t

The Wand

Prologue to “Under the Bed”



            It felt strangely heavy in the old mans hands.  The air around his tiny basement stirred silently as he wrapped his gnarled hands around the cool wooden shaft. 

            He felt his hands warm with the glow it gave off.  The power coursed thru his veins like fire.  His eyes blinded by the stunning light that radiated from it.

            He trembled… his feeble arms shaking… he turned to face his master.

            “It is finished.” He said simply.  His hollow voice reminding himself there was nothing left inside this shell of a body, his spirit was long gone.   But still he smiled, because he knew one thing only he could know.

            The spirit now lived inside the wand and there it would remain. 

            The callous sneer escaped from the hooded figure that stood with eager arms out reached for this prized position.  He knew that if anyone where to create such a thing, that the wielder would have powers over the entire world of Desmatania.  That nothing could stop it.

            He closed a thin gloved hand around it, the old man watched, his haggard face taking in a blank stare as if he had no idea what was happening now. 

            The hooded figure grinned, his eager eyes piercing from underneath the hood on his cloche… “At last… the power is mine” The sneer came from his lips like a hiss from a snake.  He grasped the wood with eager hands in victory.

            Immediately he dropped the wand, the smooth wood dropping to the dirt floor with a soft thud.  He flexed his hand, smoke slowing ebbing from his gloved fingers.  He cussed,   grabbing the old man by his sunken shoulders.

            “What is this?”  He spat.

            “I-I don’t know” The old man stuttered, yet his body remained still.   He knew this was possible, for when he made the wand he had but one person on his mind, the true ruler of his world, the only one who was able to wield the wand, and that was Queen Tilda Marrissa Walhenee.

            The hooded figure reached for the wand once again, “This is nonsense- I will NOT be fooled!” again; the wand burned his gloved hand.   This time the rancid smell of burning flesh filled the stale air, causing the old man to cough in reflex.

            This was the last straw.  The old man cringed as if he knew what would come next.  The hooded figure laughed and picked the old man up by his neck, it quickly snapped under the pressure. His limp body fell to the floor. 

            The hooded figured kicked it with disgust.  “Useless vermin” He spat. Once again, he reached down for the wand.  Its power was too strong to ignore.

            He stared for a long time, the wand had disappeared, nothing but the outline of where it fell onto the dirt remained. 

The End

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