Chapter 1.1: The Meaning of "Dire Consequences"

Ellis Pendergast enrolls in a cursed high school, and his current job is to hunt down the cause of the curse. But things might get a bit dangerous along the way . . .

Everything of this cursed school that I recently transferred to began with the death of a girl from about three years ago.

A suicide, I heard that it was. A girl walked herself into the school courtyard in the middle of the night, looped a rope onto the branch of a large oak tree that grew in the yard, and then hung herself there on one of its strongest branches. The hanging seemed violent because her neck was reportedly broken, too. The first person to find her was the school gardener, who was always the first to show up at school.

The news alarmed the teachers, the police, the students, and, most of all, the girl’s parents, because it was a complete shock. The girl had been the school’s prima donna, with excellent grades, a physique worthy of jealousy from other girls, and she had no enemies. Every person who knew her refused to believe that it was a suicide, and caused a restless stir throughout the school.

Finally, the parents hired several detectives and the police to look for evidence to support foul play.

Three months after they got started, incidents began to happen to the students and teachers, yet they were not believed by the cops. The victims were always warned by two words, and if you hear those words, you’re a lucky person if you managed to live to see the next day. If not, then you’ve fallen victim to a bad accident somewhere in the school. Now, there were rules reinforced to keep the students safe: to stay silent, to do what the majority tells you to do, and to leave the school as soon as the last bell rings in the day.

At least, that’s how the story went, as far as I’ve heard.

The detectives, though, were still going around with their investigation three years later, and they’re pretty tired of it, yet they still have to do it because they’re paid to do it by the hanged girl’s parents. Even if no clues have yet to resurface about the dead girl.

Even these days, there are minor accidents, and the students are all so eager to follow the rules so as to not fall victim to the incidents, and they’re blamed on the curse of Rachel McCarthy.

The End

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