This evening was time for the watch, time for the eking out, the coming to terms with what lay ahead.  She still slept and he probed her sleeping mind, it was easy since the meal the night before.  

He could kill her right now, right this minute course, that wouldn't be very exciting.  He traced the line of her cheek, the skin so cold.  The soft ebony ringlets of hair flowed over the pillow.

He felt himself get hard and thought about the possibilities, his fangs coming down as close as his orgasm...  She was beautiful and he was sure that if his blood had been warm, she could have brought it to a boil...  Smiling to himself he lay on the bed beside her, touching her temple he was assured she would not awake for a while.  She was so tempting, so very, very tempting.  He kissed the cold lips, scraping the teeth across her neck, she moaned.  A little blood welled up from the scratched skin and he licked it off.

He could leave a little of himself behind, but thought better of it.  When he took her, he wanted her awake, at full power, he would subdue her, she would be in subjection to him.  He pulled the covers back and ran his hand between her legs, he stroked her and watched as her forehead wrinkled...  "Not tonight love, but soon, real soon, you will belong to me."  

He kissed her once again and vanished...

The End

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