He Invades My DreamsMature

Wow, no more 90 proof dinner.  The room actually spun.  Not sure how I made it and I promised myself I would not let my anger get to me like that again.  It's put me in a bad position, if I had to fight now, I would be weak and vulnerable, two feelings I didn't like, least not for me.  As I lay down on my bed, yes I sleep in a bed, don't let those movies fool you, we don't sleep in coffins filled with dirt well,  I don't. I prefer my big bed with the over stuffed pillows and satin comforter

I took my last look at the red dawn.  I longed to feel that warmth. And just as I was drifting off, there he was, tall, cold grey eyes staring at me, smiling.  It almost made me feel...

I heard him, what's worse, I felt him... and for the first time, I was warm.

The End

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