So Very CloseMature

He was tired of the activities, time to finish his meal.  The two women had been terrible, they were cold like stone, no fire, no...fear, and at least he would have that for dinner.  He pulled them both towards him, kissing them tenderly, "it's time to die"  he nipped one then the other,  blood trickled from the slight wounds.  the difference in reactions  were a little surprising.  One froze, fear coursing through her, while the other heated up like a fire.  Maybe a little enjoyment after all.

The dim pink light showed in the distance, the ball of death would be up soon.  The sun was his enemy, the hot ball would cause an implosion, and pain so great.  He once felt it's power, the only power he would shy away from.  He glanced at the fingers of red.  Red, the color of his death.  Satiated he lay down to sleep.  His mind searching, there she was. 

"You will not kill me, I am the king, I was king before you were ever thought about.  Perhaps, I will make you my queen, yes... perhaps."

He curled the cold lips into a smile, he felt he could almost touch her, and as the deep sleep took him, he wondered what she would feel like...

The End

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