Time to dineMature

Another day another bite.  It had been a couple of days and it was time for me to feed, so I was feeling a little mmmm, grumpy. 

The man sat in his car, he threw a kiss, I walked past.  He whistled, I kept walking, he shouted, I walked on, some people though, couldn't leave well enough alone.  He called me a bitch, I still moved forward minding my business, igging him.. I guess that pissed him off.  "Stuck up little cunt, where you going to meet your mother on the corner?"   Ah boy, sometimes, , you know I never took pleasure in hunting humans, well, that's not exactly true, but the human side of me had a few little regrets.   However, this guy, I was going to enjoy, I was going to take my time.

I stopped, swung around and moved towards him. Licking my lips I exposed one breast. I almost laughed at the "come hither" look he gave me.  Walking past him, I grabbed his shirt and pulled him into the shadows.  

The pulse in his throat was strong, the smell, a mixture of hormones and liquor  (figures).  I kissed him, he closed his eyes.  I bit him a little on his shoulder, God 90 proof, this would be my only feed for this night.  I snatched his head around and stared into his eyes. 

The crimson crawled up my neck, up my cheeks, my eyes glowed a nice healthy red, blood dripped from the corners.  His face changed, oh the fear, the absolute fear.  "You want it, you got it!"  I sank my teeth into the inflamed artery.   I withdrew them and sank them back in over, and over again. He knew he was going to die, I liked the fact that he knew, I liked the fact that he was afraid.  " Remember what Dionne said, yea you should have let me WALK ON BY."    I watched the tear fall from one eye...  awe, so sad, laughing I sank the canines back in for the last time.  "No body talks about  my mother, whoever she is!"

The End

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