He felt it coming, coming for him, destruction.  The first thought of it startled him, then it amused him.  Many had tried, there'd been Vanhelsing, and all the other Vanhelsings after him, yes,  they'd been true Vampire hunters, of course, there had been the onslaught of wannabes, though once they met him, their vocation in life changed.  

This one felt different, the essence was strong, he raised his head and sniffed the air, it was female.  

He fixed his mind and tried to attach to her, but she was gone.  

That bit bothered him for a minute however, there hadn't been a female alive or dead, that could resist him, he was king.  Maybe he would keep her alive for a while, he hadn't had a mate for.. well forever.  He laughed and lay down to sleep, "good night little deer, we shall meet soon, very soon."

The End

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