Sunrise SunsetMature

I always marveled at the romantified stories.  The glitz, the glamour. People, if you only knew. I was so tired, you think living forever is wonderful... think again!

What a beautiful sunrise, I thanked Him, or someone for the opportunity to see it.  They say the angels sing His praises at sunrise, aren't they blessed?  I stood there on the veranda, the first sensation was warmth, then it began to sting, then.. well then. (smile)

I'm a "halfer", how many of us were there, just one, me.  And I have been around for too many lifetimes.  I'd hunted and killed the most dangerous of the undead.  Would be nice to have help perhaps the "Daywalker, Blade" but he didn't exist.  There was only me, and if I were to show my true age, you would only find dust.  No, there was no daywalk for me, no magic elixer, no shots that kept me in check, that kept me from the sweet juice that you carried in your veins.  Only the red viscous juice could cool the fire, could stop the deep penetrating pain that engulfed me, that crawled through my insides, that turned my brown eyes crimson.  Yes people, you are so sweet to me.

Ah I was cold, I hated that.  The human half of me still shivered, I was always uncomfortable.  I longed for the sun, but that wouldn't happen at least not right now.  

There is a bad one out there,  he kills not just for food, but just because he can.  He enjoyed the carnal life.  What's the difference you say?  Ha, I am female, I cannot plant a seed, he can, while I was born to a vampiress and a human father, this seed would be procreated, it would be half him, half human, with all the attributes of both parents.  It would be dangerous. Even I would not be able to kill it.

Well, now I lay me down to sleep, I pray for you people your blood to keep, if you should die before I wake, thank the lord for goodness sake... ha ha ha

The End

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